PFA-Washington DC | In-Conversation & Book Launch with Father Gregory Fratt, and Vesela Sretenovic

By East City Art Editorial Team on October 30, 2023
©2023 Radius Books / Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Talk: Saturday, November 4 at 11am

Join us on Saturday, November 4th at 11 AM at PFA–Washington D.C. for a conversation with late painter Dorothy Fratt’s son, retired Catholic minister Father Gregory Fratt, and Vesela Sretenovic, former Director of Contemporary Art Initiatives and Academic Affairs at the Phillips Collection, where Dorothy Fratt attended for Art School from 1942 to 1943 under the tutelage of cubist painter Karl Knaths.

During this conversation, Father Fratt and Sretenovic will explore Dorothy Fratt’s artistic journey, which began in the vibrant heart of her hometown, Washington D.C. Fratt exhibited early talent, winning scholarships to study under renowned painters such as Nikolai Civovsky and Karl Knaths. Her debut solo exhibition in 1946 marked the beginning of a prolific career, throughout which she developed her signature visual language of distinctive canvases adorned with unadulterated hues and striking forms. However, Fratt relocated to Arizona in 1958, where she narrowly missed Washington’s Color Field painting heyday. The launch of this monograph brings Dorothy Fratt’s unique vision back to her birth city, cementing her status as a compelling fellow traveler of the Washington Color School. This homecoming event provides an opportunity to rediscover her legacy and celebrate her unique artistic odyssey. Fratt’s unwavering dedication to color and form, despite geographical shifts, underscores her enduring influence and the recognition she deserves.


PFA-Washington is located at  1932 9th Street NW, #C102, (Enter from 9 1/2 Street) Washington, DC | 571.315.5279