Gallery Clarendon Presents Liz Vance Liminal

By Editorial Team on September 11, 2019

Fri, 13 September 2019 - Sun, 06 October 2019

Staircase – CCG Airport by Liz Vance. Courtesy of Gallery Clarendon.
Opening Reception and Meet the Artists: Friday, September 13 from 5pm to 7pm

A stairwell transformed into a graphic spiral that leads…. somewhere.  A hallway waiting for someone to walk through.  An empty stage, waiting for a performance.  Everyday spaces, everyday moments, caught in the blink of time when they are full of potential, and moments away from fulfilling their purpose. These spaces, these images by Arlington artist Liz Vance – are altered with color and tone to evoke more of the sense of the space and take you away from your instinctual expectation of what the space was, or should be, and shows you what the space is at that exact moment.

Vance is a visual artist whose work blends photography and cultural studies to capture and convey the smaller moments that define our lives.  Her work has evolved from the strict controls of traditional portraiture to the unexpected experiences of journalism, all the while looking at the stories behind the stories, the expressions between the poses.

“There is a moment between things happening, when there is change.  This liminal moment, where something isn’t one thing or the other, but both.  That’s what I try to capture.” – Liz Vance

Her upcoming show, Liminal, focuses on common spaces and experiencing the transitions between them, capturing the details we pass every day without notice or pause.

Liminal is featured in the Overlook Gallery at Gallery Clarendon.  Before you reach the Overlook, you will pass through the main gallery, where there will be new work hanging by Gallery Clarendon member artists. The opening reception is free to the public, and many of the artists will be present and would love to meet you and discuss their work.

Gallery Hours:

  • 11am – 7pm daily

Metro accessible (Clarendon station on Orange line). Parking is available in metered spots on nearby streets and in adjacent public garages.

Gallery Clarendon is located at 2800 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington, VA. For more information about Gallery Clarendon, visit