Group Portfolio Critique Seminar Led by Lisa Semerad November 13

By Editorial Team on November 8, 2010

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Saturday November 13th the Capitol Hill Art League will host a group portfolio critique seminar, led by Lisa Semerad. Semerad will be at CHAW to work with a group of students to discuss what constitutes a great work of art. After an initial lecture, she will lead students in conducting portfolio critiques. This course offers a rare chance to learn about the nuts and bolts of a critique led by a professional artist and teacher with nearly 30 years of experience in commercial and fine art.

Lisa is knowledgeable in all subjects and techniques of 2 and 3-dimensional arts at any level. She has a masterful eye and the verbal ability to convey essential concepts and corrections. Areas covered will include: assessing an artist’s history, the 10 elements of evaluation, classroom protocol, guidelines for forming your own critique groups and more.

What to bring:

Fine and commercial artists- Up to 5 pieces, plus photos of your past work if you like. Photographers: Up to 12 pieces, sorted and edited to your best ability as prints or on your laptop.

This event will take place from 1-4 pm November 13th at CHAW. Cost to participate is $60 for CHAL members ($70 for non-members). Sign up via CHAW’s regular class registration process in-person at CHAW, or by calling CHAW during office hours 202-547-6839.