Hamiltonian Hosts an Artist Talk with Kyle Bauer and Patrick Harkin

By Editorial Team on March 12, 2018
Photo courtesy of Hamiltonian Gallery.
Artist Talk: Tuesday, March 13 at 7pm

Kyle Bauer and Patrick Harkin will be discuss their latest series of work and current exhibitions At Hand and Harm Reduction at the Hamiltonian gallery, Tuesday, March 13 at 7pm.

In Kyle Bauer’s newest body of work, At Hand, the artist strips away the facades and colors of his oeuvre to date, revealing the surfaces and tensions that have always been at the core of his artistic practice. Working almost exclusively in meticulously re-imagined plywood, the artist creates an environment that communicates a sense of foreboding. Taking his cues from the silence, anticipation and mounting tension that accompany the act of hunting, Bauer forces the viewer to physically navigate sculpted thickets of vines and cat-tails, only to encounter monumental pieces that aggressively assert their presence. At Hand marks a new phase of creative experimentation for Bauer; his vulnerable sculptures lay bare a devotion to seamless craftsmanship and the desire to create a new meaning out of materials with humble origins.

In Harm Reduction, Patrick Harkin creates immersive environments in which the tangible and the virtual each have an insistent presence. All of the pieces in Harkin’s exhibition – which include photography, sculpture, video and sound – are interconnected in a cyclical feedback loop. The exhibition’s main motifs are found objects that are repeated in multiple formats and iterations: an image of a frozen block of ice in the shape of a Gatorade bottle is placed in dialog with videos and objects that allude to the same form in both permanent or ephemeral states. Adding to the atmosphere throughout the space is a sonic component that is created when the light emitted by pendant lamps is recycled via solar panels and is returned as a pulsating soundscape. The shared relationships between the objects in Harm Reduction hover between the poetic and the comedic, all while touching on the issues of rising sea levels and conspicuous consumption.

Hamiltonian is located at 1353 U Street NW. For more information, visit www.hamiltoniangallery.com.