Artists & Makers Studios Artist Talk Creative Convergence: Artists who met at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

By East City Art Editorial Team on May 13, 2024
Allen Alexopulos Plattyer


Artists Talk: Saturday, May 18 from 1–3pm


Creative Convergence includes five artists who met during the last ten years in HorseSpirit Arts Gallery. Members April M. Rimpo, Allen Alexopulos, Nancy Lee Davis, Beverley Hunter, and Linda Trope will exhibit. Owner and curator Robin Holliday described her selection of artists as “talented, kind-hearted, local Artists that would evolve into a very special art community.” They say mission accomplished! The artists of HorseSpirit Arts Gallery became an extended family. Bonds grew that make them want to continue their relationship now that HorseSpirit Arts Gallery has closed. These artists hope their art continues to provide viewers with a sense of refuge and serenity, and gives them happiness each time they see it.

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