Lost Origins Gallery Presents 14th to Lost Origins: The Street Art of Charif Mamadou & Gus

By Editorial Team on February 26, 2020

Fri, 28 February 2020 - Sun, 01 March 2020

Courtesy of Lost Origins Gallery.
Opening: Friday, February 28 from 7pm to 10pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, March 1 from 3pm to 4pm

Gus and Cherif primarily display and sell their art in front of Target on 14th St in North West Washington D.C. They are the definition of street artists. They literally make and display art in public.Their art is unsanctioned, executed and displayed outside of traditional art venues. Their approach is referred to as “independent public art”, “post-graffiti”, “neo-graffiti”, or sometimes just “guerrilla art.”  Their work reflects geo-political, cultural and abstract subjects. This is the first time they are showing work in a gallery and making it clear what they feel and where they stand.

Gus was born in DC but moved to the jungles of South American when he was a little boy. He was raised in the harsh jungle wilderness. He learned life in Akilombo and managed to survive the harms of nature and cruel neocolonial society. His paintings are about gods playing with  men in a surreal mystical world battling cultural imperialism. He shows the awakening of the people fighting for equality while revitalizing the spirit of the French Revolution and American Independence.

Cherif was born in the Ivory Coast and raised in Paris. His mother called him “Baitakailo” which means “may each person have a piece of my son.” Cherif fulfills this prophecy as he expresses his soul through art. His paintings and sculptures are a fusion of African art and modern European influences that reflect joy, the mystery of love, life and power of God. Cherif repurposes items found on the street and mixes them with natural materials such as bone, wood, and copper. Each piece reflects the relationship between creation and humanity. Through his art, Cherif highlights themes of community, spirituality, self- knowledge, and a reverence for one’s heritage and the simple joys of life.

Lost Origins Gallery is located at 3110 Mt Pleasant St. NW.