By Editorial Team on June 26, 2013


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JUNE 26th: Sketch Lounge @ Anacostia Arts Center, 7-10pm

Sketch Lounge is an informal space to get inspired, to show work, and to network with local artists. It’s also a place to watch the creative process and buy art for your own collection, while grooving to funky local DJ’s and connecting with some of DC’s most interesting people. Each Sketch Lounge event features a few local artists who are doing incredible work around DC. Come see them create, pick their brains, and buy one of their pieces!

When each piece is finished it is pinned on a board with the artist’s name and a price between $5 – $30. If you like the art on the wall you take it down and pay the artist directly; no commission taken.

All artists and anyone who wants to make art is invited to participate in Sketch Lounge. Artists bring their own supplies and we provide work space for them to create.


JUNE 27: Figment DC meet and greet @ Honfleur Gallery, 7-9pm

A call to artists!  Meet the organizers of Figment DC who will be bringing their interactive art festival East of the River September 29 and 29.

Find out about opportunities to show work and participate in this year’s festival.


JUNE 29: Holly Bass Workshop, BALANCING BUSINESS & ART @Honfleur Gallery, 2-4pm


Andy Warhol once said, “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” Whether or not you agree, the fact is that in order to survive artists must also be business savvy. Holly Bass leads this two-hour workshop on the business side of being an artist. In the session she will share her personal experience of becoming a full-time artist as well as examples from other artists in various disciplines. Discussion points will cover building relationships, fundraising and grant writing, time and money management, contract negotiation and setting intentions as well as exploring interpersonal growth and developing a sustainable creativity.

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