Luminous Passage Micro Talk with Andrea Cybyk

By Editorial Team on January 4, 2018
Image courtesy Metro Micro Gallery.

Artist Talk: Saturday, January 6 from 4pm to 6pm

Experience Luminous Passage both inside & out, and hear the story behind this exhibit & Metro Micro Gallery in mini talks with artist Andrea Cybyk and curator Barbara Januszkiewicz on Saturday, Jan 6th, 4-6pm. Warm up in our cozy VIP lounge with Hot Chocolate and Cider as we celebrate the final weekend of the show.
Luminous Passage by Andrea Cybyk is an installation that combines light, shadow, movement & color. Sheets of perforated mylar are suspended in layers that create pathways and sightlines while also overlapping and thus editing what the viewer can see. The show interacts with its physical space and the surrounding environment – daylight, night shadows, sunshine, clouds & headlights each play a part and change the experience.  While the exhibit is viewable 24/7 from the sidewalk on Kansas Street, the effect from INSIDE can be vastly different and provides some unexpected visual treats. This rare, closing-weekend Meet-the-Artist event is your best chance to catch the view from both inside and out.
Metro Micro Gallery is an outreach of multimedia artist Barbara Januszkiewicz’s studio practice. A small space with a big mission to offer exhibits and programs that strengthen and sustain our creative community. Learn more about this pay it forward mission at  
Metro Micro Gallery is located at 3409 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA, on the side facing Kansas Street.