Martha Spak Gallery at the Wharf Presents Kim Klabe Pours: Barflies

By Editorial Team on March 11, 2019
Antithesis by Kim Klabe. Courtesy of the artist.
Artist Talk: Saturday, March 16 from 5pm to 7pm

Martha Spak Gallery at the Wharf is pleased to present an exhibition featuring artist Kim Klabe.  The Pours: Barflies show will run from March 4-March 28, 2019 with a demonstration and artist talk Saturday, March 16 from 5-7 pm.  The exhibition will feature art created from pouring wine or dark beer on paper enhanced with pen and pencils.

Kim Klabe began working in wine and beer pours in 2017.  She creates art called “Pours” using wine or dark beer and pencil. Klabe says, “Representational painting was not only very competitive, but lacked what I desperately needed – a way to express myself freely and creatively.”  The art pours cause people to look, to reflect, the think and yes – to laugh.  The colors and the energy draw the eye and conversation.

Pours are made by pouring wine or dark beer on #400 watercolor paper, letting the liquid dry, then looking at the dried stain/image to see what shapes appear. Those shapes are defined with markers and colored pencil, using the lines/shapes of the pour. She says, “Working in pours re-connected me to the creativity and imagination I experienced in art school. The direction of the wine dictates how distorted a figure may or may not be, and no longer is representation a necessary part of my painting.”

Each “pour” is a new discovery.  Using marker and colored pencils to transform the stained paper creates wildly abstract and often politically charged art.  She has no expectations of the final piece and discovers as she goes.  The titles of the pours are taken exclusively from current events and help date stamp a place in time.

Each monthly exhibition has a theme that exemplifies the featured artists’ style.   

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