Metro Micro Gallery Presents Andrea Cybyk Luminous Passage

By Editorial Team on December 11, 2017

Sun, 10 December 2017 - Sat, 06 January 2018

Andrea Cybyk, Under and Over, Acrylic, paper & mylar on panel, 12”H x 9”W. Courtesy of Metro Micro Gallery.
Currently on view through Saturday, January 6, 2018.

Meet the Artist Event: Saturday, January 6 from 4pm to 6pm

Luminous Passage explores the juxtaposition of positive shapes and negative space through layers of frosted mylar, faceted pigment, and diffused light. In this installation, artist Andrea Cybyk creates an environment of bold, exuberant color tempered with quiet masks of milky white, inviting the viewer to contemplate what we conceal and what we reveal to the world about ourselves.

Large sheets of mylar hang from the ceiling while smaller ones are attached to the front of acrylic paintings on wood panels. Cybyk has cut openings in these overlays, deconstructing what would normally be a flat surface into layers, each providing only a partial view to what lies beneath/beyond??. Some veils sport brilliant, translucent hues while others remain calmly, hauntingly white, balancing chaos with order (OR – a delicate balance of chaos and order??). Light flows through and around the openings allowing the pigment to glow and drawing the viewer to travel down multiple pathways. The cutouts throw shadows on subsequent layers, adding complexity and dimension to the composition.

Curator Barbara Januszkiewicz notes/observes “Cybyk employs a simplicity of form while demonstrating incredible creative sophistication in her work. Here, we witness the artist’s deconstructing of her space and a keen awareness of the tactile qualities of her materials.”

Starting outside the gallery, Cybyk has installed nearly 200 butterflies, hand-painted in gorgeous jewel tones, that swoop up and in, flutter across the gallery ceiling, and morph into organic shapes that echo the openings in her suspended mylar panels. Cybyk views this migratory path as “a nod to our personal growth and transformation as we travel through life.”

A native of Northern Virginia with an engineering background, Andrea Cybyk worked in the software industry for 15 years, studied printmaking and painting along the way, and finally abandoned the techie world to paint full-time. Having grown up in the contemporary home her parents designed and built themselves, she comes from a family of technical creatives and fiercely stubborn DIYers.

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