Olly Olly and Epicure Café Present Olly Olly Talk Show @ Epicure

By Editorial Team on May 21, 2019
Courtesy of Olly Olly.
Event: Friday, May 31 from 7pm to 11pm

Join them at Epicure Café, 11104 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA, for an evening of performance art, audience participation, poetry, games, interviews, art inspired menu items, music, and more featuring Heloisa Escudero, Jessica Kallista, Jo Laing, and music by Trash Mammals.

Olly Olly Talk Show @ Epicure immerses us in a world of glitter, harvest gold, shag carpet, and mad talk. Inviting us to explore the role of spirited participation and the public intellectual in 21st century life, politics, art, music, and thought, Olly Olly Talk Show @ Epicure juxtaposes laugh track fueled soundscapes, glorious green room indulgence, 1970s faux glamour kitsch decadence, collaborative conversation based performance, and inclusive deep listening.

Discoverable within the warm glow of 1970s camp talk show fascination is a world lost, but still within our power to retrieve: a guest who everybody knows; a host whose wit is keen and whose objectivity remains unquestioned, whose curiosity and engagement invite the viewer to pull up closer to the screen; and an audience that wants to come together after a long day, close to that comforting hum, that wants to laugh and smile and dance and delve more deeply into the issues of the day, that wants to belong and be inspired by the intersections of play, pleasure, and intellectual fervor.

Join them to become part of the conversation, the community, the performance, and the celebration. Olly Olly Talk Show @ Epicure will feature a grounding of the space, specially crafted cocktails by guest mixologists, art inspired menu items, literary readings, performance art, interviews with noted artists and creatives, musical guests, and after parties on the amazing Epicure rooftop.

Olly Olly Talk Show @ Epicure is a rare interactive night of entertainment and playful audience participation. $10 at the door. Start playing by planning a question for the guests or submitting a question in the facebook event discussion.

Epicure Café is located at 11104 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/2016937401949459/