Otis Street Arts Project Hosts The Critique with George Hemphill

By Editorial Team on November 14, 2017
Photo courtesy of Otis Street Arts Project.
Talk: Thursday, November 16 from 6:30pm to 9pm

The Critic
George Hemphill
(Owner of Hemphill Fine Art)

The Artists
Lorenzo Cardim
Michael West

They will show the work of these two artists and have Mr. Hemphill guide everyone through talking about the work. Their aim is to intelligently discuss the work, pointing out strengths and flaws in the pieces, and providing a suggested guidance for the future.

They would like to invite everyone that is interested in hearing this conversation about specific works of art to sit in on The Critique. The conversation is meant to be critical, and constructive. They aim to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and to lead the artist toward possible resolutions or developments.

6:30-7:00 Meet and Greet
7:00-9:00 The Critique

Otis Street Arts Project is located at 3708 Otis Street, Mount Rainier, MD.