Otis Street Gallery Presents Matt Hollis Florilegia

By Editorial Team on July 12, 2017

Fri, 07 July 2017 - Sat, 05 August 2017

(Detail) by Matt Hollis, mixed media. Courtesy of Otis Street Gallery.
Artist Interview and Closing Reception: Saturday, August 5 from 6pm to 9pm

Florilegia is a collection of past and present works which Matt Hollis has combined and reimagined into a new exhibition at Otis Street Arts Project. For this exhibit, Hollis takes inspiration from the accumulation of artworks built up and layered over the years in his studio at 52 O Street. His studio is an ongoing installation project that will be reinstalled as the foundation of his new show in the Otis Street Gallery.

Hollis believes his botanically-inspired sculptures, wall-pieces, and installations grow on their own, morphing and slowly taking over any space they inhabit, demanding attention and admiration. By layering hundreds of artificial flower petals, he creates bold floral hieroglyphic symbols or abstract-organic shapes that appear to undulate and spill forth their strange contents.

Presented en masse, Hollis’ work comes alive, immersing the viewer in a fantastical, jungle-like setting where one is not-so-subtly reminded of the awesome power and allure of nature.

Molly Ruppert, the gallerist who gave Hollis many of his first DC exhibit opportunities, brought this project to the attention of Otis Street Arts Project as fond farewell to the longtime DC resident, as he leaves DC to pursue his MFA at Otis College in California.

Otis Street Arts Project is located at 3706 Otis St., Mount Rainier, MD.