Panel Discussion: Intersections of Fire

By Editorial Team on December 13, 2021
Image courtesy Joe Hicks Ceramics.
Discussion: Saturday, December 18 from 1pm to 3pm

Join a panel discussion about American Pottery, Bourbon, Fire, and Atmospheric Sciences.  This talk accompanies the current exhibition at Portico Gallery titled  Random Bourbon Encounters

Discover how potters and distillers navigate the serendipitous relationship that fire, earth, and the atmosphere contribute to the unique finishing characteristics of both bourbon whiskey and pottery. Panelists will discuss these interconnections, and how they relate to the current ceramics exhibition, Random Bourbon Encounters, at Portico Gallery.

Panelists include Bourbon Steward Matt Weber, Climatologist Emerson LaJoie, and potters Michael Corigliano and Joe Hicks.

Directly following the talk, guests will tour the Random Bourbon Encounters exhibition at Portico Gallery.

Discussion will be held at miXt Food Hall which is located at 3809 Rhode Island Ave in Brentwood, MD.