Schlesinger Center Hosts Artist Talk with Andrea Limauro and Alexandra N Sherman

By Editorial Team on September 30, 2019
Work by Andrea Limauro. Courtesy of Schlesinger Center.
Artist Talk: Thursday, October 3 from 6pm to 8pm

The Margaret W. & Joseph L. Fisher Art Gallery and the Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center on the Northern Virginia Community College – Alexandria Campus is hosting a closing week joint Artist Talk with Andrea Limauro and Alexandra N Sherman on October 3rd from 6-8PM. Attendees are encouraged to come early to spend time with the exhibitions. Parking is Free in the B Lot after 3:45PM. The talk will be a walking tour format through the two solo exhibitions.

Andrea Limauro’s solo exhibition, “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” is about the existential threat of climate change and the connection to growing population displacement related to the increase in extreme weather events. These visually exquisite paintings draw viewers into an increased awareness of the global tipping point that impacts everyone.

Alexandra N Sherman’s solo exhibition, “Milagros in My Pocketbook” is about our age of anxiety but is also a heartfelt reminder that history repeats itself. In her “Checks and Balances” 2D collage series, she uses a discovered cache of ornately decorated 1930’s checks and combines them with multiple references and found images to draw attention to current societal tensions. The intimate scale belies the serious humor in both her 2D and 3D work. The titles to the pieces provide us with clues to their meaning and call for a return to understanding and empathy.

As part of the event, they will weave in a discussion of the role of the artist in today’s world and how the artist by producing their work can act as change agents.

Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus is located at 4915 East Campus Drive, Alexandria, VA.