THEARC’s ArtReach Gallery Presents Dalila Brooks Frame of Mind Artist Talk

By Editorial Team on September 13, 2021
Dalila Brooks, One Love, mixed media (reclaimed wood, copper, beads), 2020, 23.15″ x 18.15″.
Virtual Artist Talk: Wednesday, September 15 from 6pm to 7pm (Zoom Meeting ID: 815 2175 2440)

The images featured in this exhibition, pose the question of duality as it pertains to reality and spirituality. Jewelry elements are interspersed throughout to revalue identities outside of the popular roles we play, giving us the opportunity to invest in the roles we would like to define ourselves.

We often look for people to model ourselves after, whether they are in our family circles, in our communities or in the public sector to offer us a frame of reference by which to create meaning around events that take place in our own lives. Our choices can become the catalyst for developing our perspectives for how we see the world and the way in which we engage in it.” -Dalila Brooks

Frame of Mind is a mixed media series focused on the ethereal quality of forms as it pertains to identity. Using primarily reclaimed materials, ‘repurposed purpose,’ Dalila seeks to find a balance between refinement and natural elements.  In doing so, she is able to stretch expectations and begin to tell new stories.

Dalila Brooks is a native of Washington, D.C. She attended Hampton University with an undergraduate degree in psychology. She went on to complete her Masters in Digital Art from Maryland Institute College of Art before completing her Director’s Certification for Theatrical Production at the New York Film Academy. She has been a peace and meditation practitioner and is currently a full-time artist, designer and storyteller with NoWords.Space, an initiative she developed to introduce art and gardening to communities. “We believe that being artful, creative and communicative are values that assist in enriching one’s life.” -Dalila Brooks

About the ArtReach GW

ArtReach GW builds programs and partnerships that foster community connections and civic engagement through the visual fine arts.  As a part of the Honey W Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service at George Washington University, ArtReach free art programs and collaborative art projects are a vehicle to strengthen cross-cultural understanding, activate citizenship, and develop valuable art and design skills.  ArtReach provides a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment where DC youth and families make connections between art and their lives.