Village Sweet Bakery Presents Salon Arlington III

By Editorial Team on February 19, 2016
Photo courtesy of Salon Arlington.
Photo courtesy of Salon Arlington.


Event: Saturday, February 20 from 7pm to 9pm


Salon Arlington is a new low key art happening, staged at Village Sweet, in the Westover neighborhood of Arlington. Yet what Salon Arlington has done, which is Mike Chapman, is to bring four different types of artists together for a greet and meet, mingle, eat and enjoy event. He has a history of bringing, jazz musicians, poets, comedians, jewelers, painters, film directors, etc., the artist types, and given that each fifteen minutes, to share their craft and engage with others.

Participants for Salon Arlington III are:

  • Elisabeth Hudgins – Visual Artist
  • Barbara Januszkiewicz – Visual Artist
  • Julie Jernigan – Jewelry Creator
  • David and Philip Juras – Musicians

Tickets are $15.00 each and can be purchased through PayPal at

Village Sweet Bakery is located at 5872 Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA.