VisArts Presents Amy Boone-McCreesh Room with a View at 355 Pod Space

By Editorial Team on November 9, 2020

Fri, 16 October 2020 - Sun, 17 January 2021

Amy Boone-McCreesh, The Window, 2017,Wood, custom fabric, mixed media garlands, cut paper, 44” x 32” x 3”.
Virtual Reception & Artist Talk: Friday, November 13, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

VisArts is proud to present a new installation by artist Amy Boone-McCreesh.

With this new work, Boone-McCreesh pushes against the cross-cultural ideas of beauty and perception of class. This maximal and decorative aesthetic is partnered with detailed and hand-driven processes often associated with craft. The utilization of technology and digital components are combined with the handmade processes to create a direct shift in value and labor. These decisions aim to mimic the seemingly arbitrary lines that are drawn to signify cultural markers of luxury, mass production, and the defining features of access.

About the artist
Amy Boone-McCreesh was born on Loring Air Force Base, in Maine, to a British mother and American father. Currently she is based in Baltimore, MD with interests in the connections between aesthetic leanings within economic and cultural status. She has a heightened visual awareness of the ways people and spaces flaunt class, taste, and access. Amy received her MFA from Towson University in Maryland and shortly thereafter was awarded a two-year Hamiltonian Artist Fellowship in Washington, DC. Her work has been included in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

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