Washington Sculptors Group Hosts Artist Talk: Underlying Borders

By Editorial Team on April 23, 2019
Irene Clouthier, La Mirada del Otro/The Others Look, Courtesy of the Artist.
Artist Talk: Saturday, April 27 at 2pm

Read more about the exhibition here.

Washington Sculptors Group is pleased to present an artist and curator talk at the Mexican Cultural Institute pertaining to the exhibit Underlying Borders. Artists Alison Lee Schroeder and Gerardo Camargo were invited by the Mexican Cultural Institute to co-curate the exhibition Underlying Borders at the Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington DC. Camargo and Shroeder are two of the five participating artists.

Gerardo Camargo
Alison Lee Schroeder
Felipe Baeza
Marela Zacarias
Irene Clouthier

This exhibition shows sculptures by artists who are immigrants addressing Immigration and Border Issues. Irene Clouthier will be talking as contributing artist, addressing the exhibition Underlying Borders.

These sculptures and installation work showcase the issues around their personal migrant narratives between Mexico and the United States. The artists work from perspectives that seek to reconfigure and blur borders and boundaries, in a game of tension between locations and relocations.

The participating artists explore concepts related to institutionalized notions such as identity, gender, or nationality. Through their work, the artists discuss geographic distances. memory and ways in which the body can be inhabited and communicated as zones of transition.

This talk is presented by Washington Sculptors Group in celebration of IS DAY 2019 / International Sculpture Day. Organized by the International Sculpture Center (ISC), IS Day is an annual inclusive celebration held worldwide on or around April’s last Saturday to further the ISC’s mission of advancing the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. ISC invites the world to create their own unique program or join in an established event to discover and champion sculpture.

Mexican Cultural Institute is located at 2829 16th St. NW.