Washington Studio School Hosts an Artist Talk with Brian Kerydatus

By Editorial Team on June 28, 2016
Self Portrait on 44th and 46th birthday, 2013-2015 oil on paper mounted on board, 22"x 28" by Brian Kerydatus. Courtesy of Washington Studio School.
Self Portrait on 44th and 46th birthday, 2013-2015
oil on paper mounted on board, 22″x 28″ by Brian Kerydatus. Courtesy of Washington Studio School.


Artist’s Talk: Friday, July 1 at 6pm


Washington Studio School (WSS) presents a solo exhibit of paintings, prints, and drawings by visiting faculty Brian Kerydatus.

Kreydatus works simultaneously in several mediums. His choice of medium dictates his process. In printmaking, his over-riding interest is to produce variations
on a theme, occurring through working proofs, multiple states, varied inking, material choices, and chance. In painting, color takes center stage along with in the case of oil paint a visceral physical presence. When asked if he is a painter or printmaker, Kreydatus says I am neither-I am a “drawer.”

Kreydatus believes that “drawing is  the most essential and direct form of visual communication.  All of his multiple mediums are rooted in the practice of perceptual drawing with its  constant negotiations between what you see and what you think you see, what you know and what you think you know.”

Kreydatus writes “My works paintings, prints, and drawings deal with the figure and with  questions regarding the human condition.  The human condition’s basic elements, the search for life’s meaning, inevitable loneliness, desire for gratification through food or intimacy, and the omnipresent knowledge of our own mortality are all themes in my works- sometimes implicitly, sometimes explicitly. These facts of the human experience have caused me to become obsessed with portraying the skins meaty physicality, vulnerability, and poignantly beautiful imperfections. The corporeal material of the body finds its counterpart in a direct and purposefully unpolished mark. The people, places, and objects portrayed are primarily those I know best and interact with daily.”

Brian Kreydatus received his BFA from Syracuse University in 1991. He received
his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994 during which time he was
awarded a Vermont Studio Center fellowship (1993) and the Neil Welliver Painting Prize (1994).

In 1995 Brian received a Fulbright Grant to Ireland for Independent Study in
Painting and Printmaking. While in Dublin, he was a member of the Black Church
Print Studio, awarded a Studio Rental Allowance grant from the Irish Arts Council
and received anartist residency in Kiltimagh. Upon his return to the US in 1997,
he began to teach and lecture at several institutions including Haverford College, Lehigh University, The Washington Studio School, and most notably the University of Pennsylvania from 1998-2001.

In fall 2001, he accepted an Assistant Professor position at The College of
William and Mary to teach printmaking and figure drawing. He was promoted to
Associate Professor in 2006 and served as department chair from 2008 -2011.
Mr. Kreydatus’s primary source of imagery is the figure with an emphasis on the
human condition. He has had Solo Exhibitions in Philadelphia, Ireland,
Washington (DC) Richmond (VA), and Chicago. Kreydatus has also has
participated in numerousMacedonia, Scotland, Australia, Canada, China, and Japan.

Washington Studio School is located at 2129 S. St. NW.