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Elsabé Johnson Dixon is an artist, freelance curator, educator and social engagement project manager for The LIVING HIVE (a cross disciplinary science-art-technology project). As President of the Washington Sculptors Group, she has worked with MPA; GRACE; Smith Center for the Arts; VisArts; International Arts & Artists and numerous other local galleries as well as agricultural centers such as MARC (Maryland Agricultural Research Center) to establish art-ecology programming for DC, MD and VA sculptors. Within her own practice Dixon works with live organisms and is deeply engaged with environment and eco platforms. She worked with director of sustainability Paul Tukey, as well as curator Anne Reeve, and registrar Gabi Mizes at the Glenstone Foundation to coordinating programming pertaining to art and eco intersections. As curatorial assistant to Helen Frederick for the International exhibition BreakthroughArt, Dixon engaged in educational programming with the Newseum (DC), the Aspen Institute (CO), the University of Texas San Antonio Art Gallery (TX), the First Amendment Center in (TN) and the US Equity Realty Exhibition (IL). Dixon has most recently worked with British curator Leah Gordon editing the 2009-2015 catalogue for the Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince Haiti. She currently writes for East City Art.

By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on June 20, 2019

East City Artnotes: Stephanie J. Williams Things That Don’t Have Names

Through innovative cross-disciplinary gallery programming at the Greater Reston Art Center, the playfully compelling objects made by Stephanie Williams are visually engaging on a personal and a metaphorical level. The artist investigates themes of identity through individual objects hung on the wall in a collective grouping that may look like specimens in a lab. Working with throwaway objects and remnants, Williams’ objects are unsettling and sensually alluring.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on May 21, 2019

East City Art Reviews: Underlying Borders at the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington DC

The exhibition Underlying Borders aims to address the psychological impact of living between two places. The work of five artists explores identity, gender and nationality as they relate to geographical distances and the sense that one’s body and memory can become zones of transition.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on February 26, 2019

Nancy At Ninety: A Retrospective of Form and Color

All of Nancy Frankel’s work holds a quiet persistence. Her work remains grounded in abstraction. Studying at a time when education institutions, and the art world, did not welcome women, Frankel pursued her craft as sculptor with a great mindfulness of what was happening around her. Each of her works seems to represent a narrative in a three-dimensional journal entry, describing her Zeitgeist and her intellectual musing about art as a formal practice.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on August 6, 2018

East City Art Reviews: Absence and Presence 2018 Arts in Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial

As DC exhibition spaces continue to shrink, does the Arts in Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial, offer a format that can counter this trend? Can this kind of curatorial vetting and collaborative effort between artists, curators and homeowners be replicated in other DC neighborhoods?

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on June 26, 2018

River of Resilience: Mapping the Anacostia – A Journey from Headwaters to Confluence on the Anacostia River

River of Resilience is a long-term digital photo documentary project with the aim of digitally mapping, not only the natural river but also the “harvested histories” of the Anacostia River from its headwaters to its confluence, under the scrutiny of Krista Schlyer’s lens.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on April 2, 2018

Kate Fleming: Shadow and Light is all in Perspective

Elsabé Johnson Dixon examines the work of Kate Fleming at CHAW’s open studio residency.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on February 21, 2018

East City Art Reviews: Portraits of Who We Are

Elsabé Johnson Dixon examines one of the most comprehensive exhibitions to date of African American self-portraits on view at Driskell Center through May 18.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on January 30, 2018

Stones as Remembrance: A Dark and Scandalous Rockfall Reviewed

Curator Laura Roulet, Mexican artist Perla Krauze and DC-based artist Barbara Liotta offer cross-cultural dialogue.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on January 23, 2018

East City Art Reviews: Three Concurrent Hillyer Exhibitions by Grant McFarland, Monroe Isenberg and Kei Ito

Elsabé Dixon Johnson reviews three Concurrent Hillyer Exhibitions Residuals, Lighthouse and Only what we can carry.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on November 21, 2017

East City Artnotes: One House Project—View, Honor, Share

220 immigrant stories told by artists make-up One House Project at Touchstone Gallery.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on November 9, 2017

East City Art Reviews: Sue Wrbican’s Well Past the Echo

Sue Wrbican’s Well Past the Echo, curated by Lily Siegel, shows a trajectory of Sue Wrbican’s work over the last ten years.

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By Elsabé Johnson Dixon on November 2, 2017

East City Art Reviews: Salvatore Pirrone String Room

Cultural DC’s SPACE4 inaugurates converted shipping container with interactive work by Pirrone.

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