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Hamiltonian Artists’ mission is to build a dynamic community of innovative artists and effective visual art leaders by providing professional development opportunities to innovative new artists and by advancing their entrepreneurial success. Through its unique investment into the next generation of cutting-edge artists, Hamiltonian helps artists to develop important business skills, professional experiences, and visibility to support and sustain their art career. Through artist talks, public events and its membership program, the organization contributes to the vitality of DC’s burgeoning arts scene by deepening the appreciation for contemporary art and culture throughout Washington, DC, and beyond.

By Hamiltonian Artists on July 31, 2023

Essays on Art—Cecilia Kim when the body becomes dust and settles around you

when the body becomes dust and settles around you offers a profound and immersive exploration of grief as a transformative force in our lives. Through a series of installations, Cecelia Kim invited viewers to traverse the threshold of absence, guiding us on a poignant journey of processing emotions and revelations of memory.

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By Hamiltonian Artists on June 2, 2023

Essays on Art—Matthew Russo Practiced Play

Practiced Play is the first interactive exhibition created by Matthew Russo. It is essentially a large sculpture comprised of many smaller sculptures that visitors can activate. Practiced Play leans towards relational aesthetics generally, where artists are often facilitators rather than exclusively makers.

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By Hamiltonian Artists on December 11, 2022

Essays on Art—Mining the Mines: Stephanie Garon Gold Rush

By Lucy R. Lippard | Garon’s multimedia show, now traveling, is an innovative and relatively new expansion of context and content which could have stood on its own as art as art, but Garon has taken on a far deeper task with art that can be amplified by its sources, market, and cultural impact—both negative and positive.

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By Hamiltonian Artists on November 15, 2022

Essays on Art—Non Site, Non Report: Joey Enriquez’s ruined on a riverbank

By K. Lorraine Graham | In ruined on a riverbank, Joey Enriquez’s solo exhibition, which ran last spring at Hamiltonian Artists, used found bricks, construction detritus, plaster brick casts, various types of earth, and historical real estate development maps to evoke the layered and fragmented histories of construction, labor and place-making in DC.

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By Hamiltonian Artists on July 11, 2022

Essays on Art—Amber Eve Anderson Something Worth Doing

By Mark Anthony Hernández Motaghy | Why do we buy certain things? Why do we save certain things? Amber Eve Anderson asked me these questions during our first conversation, leading us to further inquiries about commodity logistics and how we ascribe value to objects once we acquire them.

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By Hamiltonian Artists on March 16, 2022

Essays on Art—The Heightened Sense of Belonging: Madeline Stratton We Were Here

By Danielle O’Steen, Ph.D. | There is an odd familiarity in the objects that Washington-based artist Madeline Stratton uses in her sculptures and reliefs. Items like a door knocker, a hinge, a bracket, or a screen door all appear as components in the abstract artworks that populate her exhibition at Hamiltonian Artists titled We Were Here. Stratton has given these old objects a new life, covering them with Day Glo colors and shiny, bedazzled surfaces.

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