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Jan Aucker is a freelance writer for East City Art who resides in the Atlas neighborhood of Washington, DC. She is an avid art collector and music enthusiast with interests in modern and contemporary architecture. As a frequent traveler she is inspired by unforgettable moments or locations and artful experiences that brings a thoughtful approach to her writing. Originally from Pennsylvania, Aucker holds a BS from Indiana University of PA.

By Jan Aucker on April 14, 2022

East City Art Reviews—Mary Annella Frank Creature Comforts

A creature comfort is defined as ‘something (such as food, warmth, or special accommodations) that gives bodily comfort’.[1] Mary Annella “Mimi” Frank has embodied this meaning with a group of her steel sculptures at Fred Schnider Gallery of Art in Arlington, VA.  The artist previews some recent and past works...

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By Jan Aucker on December 15, 2020

East City Art Reviews—David Carlson Flattening Time at Fred Schnider Gallery

David Carlson’s latest series on view at Fred Schnider Gallery through the end of the year, gives expression to the Buddhist practice of feeling present and interconnected with all things or a “flattening” of time.

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By Jan Aucker on August 20, 2019

East City Artnotes—Regina Miele: All Good Things are Wild and Free at Woman’s National Democratic Club

Regina Miele finds inspiration from biologist Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, taking a journey of observation and exploration within the city to capture the beauty and stillness of nature and, in the process, found a deep connection to the author.

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By Jan Aucker on July 23, 2019

East City Artnotes—Jordann Wine: Deep Space at Honfleur Gallery

In Deep Space Jordann Wine finds healing through an exploration of patterns and movement at Honfleur Gallery.

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By Jan Aucker on March 18, 2019

East City Art Reviews: Jason Gubbiotti Things Are As They Seem

Gubbiotti continues to push the boundaries of his style of painting in terms of abstraction and in his approach to form and composition by introducing three-dimensional objects and by incorporating expressionistic qualities of color which provoke uncertainty in the audience’s perception of his work.

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By Jan Aucker on February 26, 2019

East City Art Reviews: Jowita Wyszomirska’s The Distance of Blue

Just as our contact with nature forces us to slow down and live in the present, Jowita Wyszomirska’s works make us confront our changing natural landscape, raising our awareness of how climate change has adversely impacted glaciers worldwide.

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By Jan Aucker on October 25, 2018

East City Art Reviews: McCain McMurray Pictures of Nothing

McCain McMurray’s latest exhibition at Touchstone Gallery takes the show’s title Pictures of Nothing, once used to describe the atmospheric work of J.M.W. Turner, to evoke an emotion or mood for the viewer.

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By Jan Aucker on July 24, 2018

East City Art Reviews: 12th Annual East of the River Exhibition Highlights Three-Dimensional Work

Curator and Honfleur Gallery Director Terence Nicholson selected a group of artists who either work or live in Wards 7 and 8 to create sculptural work for the 12th Annual East of the River Art Exhbition. The all-sculpture format of the exhibition is a first for the annual show.

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By Jan Aucker on June 20, 2018

East City Art Reviews: Thom Goertel Finding Light

Thom Goertel is masterful at uncovering light sources that provide the ambiance for his random encounters.

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By Jan Aucker on February 13, 2018

East City Art Reviews: Jessica Drenk The Evocation of a Moment…A Gesture

On view at Adah Rose Gallery through March 2, 2018, Jan Aucker argues that Jessica Drenk’s manufactured objects connect the viewer to familiar forms found in nature.

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By Jan Aucker on November 22, 2017

East City ArtNotes: Jay Peterzell New Paintings

Artist Jay Peterzell reveals a transition in his latest series.

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By Jan Aucker on October 25, 2017

East City Art Reviews: Chadwick Tolley I Hope You Find What You Are Looking For

A review of recent prints and collages by Chadwick Tolley on view at Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center through Sat., Oct. 28, 2017.

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By Jan Aucker on July 14, 2016

East City ArtNotes: Toki Synth Series 005: Reverb

Jan Aucker wanders through the visual chords of TOKI on view through September 3.

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