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Olivia Niuman is a writer and artist based in Washington, D.C. Her research-based artistic practice examines the way that meaning is constructed. She uses abstract painting combined with collage and fragments of words to explore the tenuous relationship between truth, knowledge, and objectivity when it comes to written and visual sources. Olivia holds a B.A. from The George Washington University, where she studied Art History and American Studies. Olivia also works as the Director of Programming at 52 O Street Studios and tutors high school students in Reading and English.

By Olivia Niuman on May 21, 2024

East City Art Reviews—IA&A at Hillyer Contemporary Echoes: Rediscovering Italian Art from 1950-1980

Contemporary Echoes: Rediscovering Italian Art from 1950-1980 at IA&A at Hillyer, features 18 postwar works from the BFF Collection, offering a new perspective on Italian art’s interplay with American pop and abstract expressionism. Curated by Renato Miracco, the exhibition highlights the nuanced and politically charged approaches of Italian artists, contrasting them with their American contemporaries.

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By Olivia Niuman on March 14, 2024

East City Art Reviews—Mark Rothko: Paintings on Paper at the National Gallery of Art

Mark Rothko: Paintings on Paper reveals Rothko’s lesser-known works on paper, tracing his shift from figurative to abstract art. The exhibition is a curated journey through his evolution, designed to evoke deep emotional engagement, making it a compelling experience for all viewers.

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By Olivia Niuman on February 16, 2024

East City Art Reviews—A Delicate Balance at the Athenaeum

A Delicate Balance showcases the work of nine sculptors whose materials, practices, and conceptual concerns vary widely. Curator Jackie Hoysted and producer Veronica Szalus have assembled a show that explores the notion of balance in almost every way the word can be interpreted- physically, spiritually, ecologically, and conceptually.

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By Olivia Niuman on January 8, 2024

East City Art Reviews—Nicole Salimbene Seed Scattering at The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial

Nicole Salimbene’s solo exhibition, Seed Scattering at The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial, showcases eleven meticulously crafted collage “tapestries” made from rolled magazine pages bound with gold wire. Through a thematic exploration of seed scattering, Salimbene invites viewers to decipher coded images within her artwork.

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By Olivia Niuman on December 5, 2023

East City Art Reviews—DC Art Now 2023 at 200 Eye Street Gallery

Every year since 1986, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities has collected work by local artists for its Art Bank program. This year’s exhibition of the finalists, titled DC Art Now 2023, showcases the work of seventy-two artists at its 200 I (Eye) Street gallery. A sweeping show, DC Art Now 2023 represents a cross-section of DC’s contemporary arts scene.

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By Olivia Niuman on September 13, 2023

East City Art Reviews—SANA(A) at Pyramid Atlantic

SANA(A), on view at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, features hand-printed works by Jessica Sabogal and Shanna Strauss. The exhibition showcases their virtuosity in technique and dedication to feminist, intersectional, and collective care themes. With distinct styles, both artists emphasize the voices of Black, Indigenous, and women of color.

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By Olivia Niuman on August 1, 2023

East City Art Reviews—RE/ENVISIONING

Curators Nicole Dowd and Allison Nance present RE/ENVISIONING, a group exhibition on view at the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Gallery, featuring six artists who each question, subvert, and re-tell traditionally accepted narratives

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