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Sarah McGavran’s reviews are like travel guides into the world of art. Going to an exhibition can be an amazing experience on its own but having some background can really enhance the journey. McGavran draws on her doctorate in art history to demystify the artistic landscape for curious viewers. She is a museum editor in Washington, DC, and an independent editor and translator for art institutions across the United States and Europe.

By Sarah McGavran, Ph.D. on December 7, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Olivia Tripp Morrow Body, Joy, Cage, Scar

The works in Olivia Tripp Morrow’s solo exhibition build upon her experiences before and after major spinal surgery to explore broader themes of adaptation, persistence, resilience, and even joy.

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By Sarah McGavran, Ph.D. on November 12, 2019

East City Art Reviews—Refractions: Prints and Projections by Robin Bell at Lost Origins Gallery

Robin Bell may be best known for his guerilla projections on the façade of the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington, DC, which addressed themes of corruption and accountability. His recent exhibition at Lost Origins Gallery expanded upon this work while asserting that viewers have a responsibility to speak out...

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By Sarah McGavran, Ph.D. on July 22, 2019

East City Art Reviews: Character Abstraction at Brentwood Arts Exchange

Character Abstraction at Brentwood Arts Exchange shows that abstract art is not always about self-expression. Four artists from the DMV area shift the focus to the viewer, whom they invite to accompany them on delightful imaginative journeys.

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By Sarah McGavran, Ph.D. on May 10, 2019

East City Art Reviews: Spring SOLOS 2019 at Arlington Arts Center

Arlington Art Center’s exhibition Spring SOLOS 2019 presents the unexpected artistic perspectives of seven artists from the Mid-Atlantic region, including an art teacher-Marine veteran and a photographer-butcher. Together, they challenge viewers to reflect on their surrounding natural, institutional, and political environments.

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By Sarah McGavran, Ph.D. on October 9, 2018

East City Art Reviews: David Carlson Ingredients Curated by Slobodan Mitrovic

Sarah McGavran, Ph.D. reviews David Carlson Ingredients, a visual dialogue between two Marymount faculty members: painter David Carlson and photographer Slobodan Mitrovic.

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