ARCH Social Arts Project Call for Photographers

By Editorial Team on April 22, 2011

Deadline: Sat, 03 June 2023

photography calls for entry washington dc arch development corporation


photography calls for entry washington dc arch development corporation



In collaboration with Silent Code Features, The ARCH Social Arts Project (ASAP,) a project of the ARCH Development Corporation,  announces a call to photographers to be part of an exciting exhibition capturing the spirit of the film industry in Washington, D.C. and surrounding the metro area.

photography calls for entry washington dc arch development corporation


Art can be defined as the physical realization of an individual’s dream or vision. Through literature, the spoken word, sculpting, painting, performance, graffiti, composition, and photography, a dream can be actualized to share with the masses garnering solidarity, criticism, indifference, acclaim and insight.

Arguably, cinema is one of the only mediums that infuses the highest level of artistic integration. This medium of storytelling welcomes the collective input of writers, painters, actors, designers, composers, carpenters and photographers. “Art Behind the Art”, will celebrate the independent spirit of collective artists who dare dream together with hopes of sharing their vision with the world and each other. Captured through still photography and photo documentation, the seldom acknowledged foundation of intersecting art will be the focus of photography selected for exhibition at Blank Space SE. The exhibition is scheduled to run for 2 weeks, summer – 2011.

Exhibition Vision: “Art Behind the Art” will harness an enormous amount of energy from area filmmakers and is intended to celebrate the photographers of the film industry while also bringing together those that invest both artistically and financially in the great art and science of film.

Photographic Submission will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Behind the Scenes Photography
  • Photographic Film Stills

How to Apply:

  • Deadline for Submission: Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
  • Panel Review: Week of May 16th, 2011
  • Exhibitor Announcements: The week of May 30th, 2011
  • Opening Night: Saturday, June 25th 2011 (tentative)
  • *****Important Note: No more than 3 works per film production will be selected for this show******

To Apply:

  • Please submit the following in hard copy- email submissions will notbe accepted:
  • $10 Application fee with check or money order made payable to ARCH
  • One Page Art Resume or CV
  • Artists Statement and/or Film Project Statement
  • Application Page with Image Info
  • CD with up to 10 jpeg images (150 dpi) of work(s) proposed for the exhibition.

photography calls for entry washington dc arch development corporation

Submit to:
The ARCH Development Corporation
c/o ARCH Social Arts Project
1227 Good Hope Rd. SE
Washington D.C. 20020

To download an application click HERE

About The Honfleur Social Arts Initiative or HSAI: In 2007 the Honfleur Gallery opened its doors to Historic Anacostia. This was the first main street art space to open in this section of Washington in over 40 years. Shorty after the opening of the gallery and under the umbrella of the ARCH Development Corporation, the gallery started a small initiative offering more than just fine arts visual experiences. The ARCH Social Arts Project (ASAP) was to include a wide variety of ancillary programming such as artist talks, poetry readings, artist residencies, arts workshops and concerts. ASAP was a response to a need for local residents and artists to have, and take part in artistic experiences otherwise unavailable to them in their immediate neighborhood. Over the years, and through the generous support from funders past and present, The ARCH Social Arts Project has thrived.

SilentCodeFeatures, LLC (SCF) is a metro-based video production company that creates independent documentaries and narrative films. Started in 2006, SCF has produced three feature length documentaries’; including the award winning “Woman in a Man’s Suit” and the underground hip hop favorite HUNGRY. Their first short feature, L1feline, was accepted to both the Indiewood Film Festival and DC Shorts 2010 Film Festival. SCF has just finished production on “A World at Work,” a collection of four short films featuring the DMV’s most talented and diverse cast and crew.