artdc Gallery #WeTweetArt 2.0 Call for Entry

By Editorial Team on March 5, 2014

Deadline: Sun, 03 July 2022

Outside artDC gallery.  Photo by Phil Hutinet for East City Art.
Outside artdc gallery. Photo by Phil Hutinet for East City Art.
Reception: Saturday, March 22 from 7pm to 10pm


Install date: Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 12pm
De-install date: Sunday, April 6, 2014

artdc Gallery is producing their second social media connected show. This is #WeTweetArt 2.0. The previous show met on September 7, 2013 to celebrate the growing connection of artists and art lovers on social media. Artists were invited via twitter to join artdc Gallery for a mass art installation. As a result, 42 artists installed work in the gallery.

Find them here:

At the space, artists met the public face-to-face, and artdc Gallery brought the life of the art found on Twitter back to social media at that moment through live tweeting. It was a unique experience to see social interactions alive through smartphones, oddly quiet in a crowded room filled with the improvisational sounds of Sassoon.

This is an open call exhibition of art for DC-area Twitter users. The artists must be on Twitter and they all must tweet @artdc about their work in the exhibition. This exhibition represents a tiny cross section of what’s out there. Twitter art activity is growing.

If interested in participating, e-mail artdc Gallery at

Details and Requirements:

  1.  The size will range from small to 20″x30″, potentially larger depending on the number of responses to this call. artdc Gallery will notify artists before install about the exact limit. That said, the size limit may be around 16×20″ to 18×24″.  Contact artdc Gallery for more complex installation work. Small works are welcome. Sculpture may be larger.
  2. Bring 2 or 3 works and artdc Gallery will select 1 or more to fit the space.
  3. Art must be ready to hang with D-rings and wire if it’s a wall hanging work.
  4. 3D works are welcome. Limited pedestal availability. Please check to confirm.
  5. Limited nudity, as the gallery is in a community center, and kid accessible. Contact artdc Gallery if you have questions.
  6. You must tweet about the show once installation is complete. Use the hashtag #WeTweetArt
  7. Once the show is installed, Tweet an image of your work with the hashtag #WeTweetArt and @artdc . Include dimension, medium and price.
  8. Stay tuned for details on the Best in ReTweet art award.
  9. Retweet the call for entry for this show, and invite your artist friends to get involved by Twitter.

To apply: 

  • You must be a member of the DC-area Twitter List: To be added to the list e-mail artdc Gallery with your twitter profile.
  • You must e-mail artdc Gallery a response with your interest to show right away with a brief description of your work and a link to your website. Be ready to join artdc Gallery for the install. Space will fill up quickly.

Find the call for entry on here:

artdc Gallery is located at 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD.