Artist Studio for Rent with Recreative Spaces

By Editorial Team on October 2, 2015

Deadline: Tue, 16 August 2022

Artist Studio for Rent
Photo courtesy of ReCreative Spaces.


Artist Studio for Rent with Recreative Spaces starting October 1, 2015.


There is a small residential room for rent in The Perry Street Collective (part of ReCreative Spaces) that’s available starting October 1. (Rent includes utilities, wifi, and use of the downstairs, shared space.)

There is also one more work/studio space in a shared room. (Rent includes 24 hour access, utilities, wifi, and use of the downstairs, shared space.)

This is a special place they’re building. It’s the next iteration of ReCreative Spaces, which has been an organic process of organizing artists + creatives in all genres to build art/work that lifts us, and those around us, up. They are looking for referrals as opposed to doing a craigslist or other anonymous search.

This may be the right fit for:

  • Full time artists, performers, creative entrepreneurs
  • Teaching artists
  • Those who have other employment but dedicate a significant amount of time to their art/work
  • Those looking to make a transition into a creative/self-employed field

This is definitely a place for:

  • Those who want to be surrounded by like-minded creatives
  • Those who are looking for a space to live\work/create (art itself, but also programming, events, classes, workshops, collaborative projects…)
  • Those who are comfortable living and/or working upstairs (private, not open to the public) and having downstairs be home to several classes, workshops, and special events (open to the public)

There are currently two full-time residents. They’re looking for one more. They have 3,000 total square feet, so there’s enough room to do your own thing, but also the willingness to meet downstairs for a shared, potluck meal if they choose.

They also have three of the four slots filled in the shared work room, so they’re looking for one final person to round it out. The dynamic thus far is lovely, and seems to be working quite well. They are looking to add a fourth who fits seamlessly in this environment.

They’re a mix of visual artists, jewelry-makers, writers, dancers, and all have an entrepreneurial spirit. They are friendly and open, clean and considerate, love to collaborate, but also appreciate being able to retreat to their own little corners to work. They also have a network of ReCreative Spaces members who range from photographers to djs, musicians to set designers. They love the creative energy that comes from sharing, connecting, and collaborating.

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