Arts and Social Justice Fellowship Program at VisArts

By Editorial Team on November 10, 2020

Deadline: Wed, 23 December 2020

Courtesy of VisArts.
Deadline: December 23, 2020

VisArts has created a new Arts and Social Justice Fellowship Program for visual activists whose current research, curatorial or visual activist practice and passion centers on social, racial, economic, and/or environmental justice. The year-long fellowship is an opportunity to explore how thoughtfully curated art, dialogue, communication, and collaborations between artists and communities can productively navigate political flashpoints, chronic systemic inequities, and entrenched perspectives to inspire change towards a more equitable, just, and inclusive society. VisArts seeks a highly motivated, visionary person and/or collaborative team to explore these ideas with them. Applicants do not need to be traditional curators. They are interested in creative activist cultural producers who explore the use of art, creative practice and curation to catalyze and evoke change.

Learn more and apply here.