Athenaeum Call for Artists & Poets: Speak Your Truth | Black Lives Matter

By Editorial Team on July 28, 2020

Deadline: Thu, 27 August 2020

Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 27, 2020 

Exhibition dates: October 1 through December 1, 2020
The Athenaeum believes art has the power to transcend boundaries to elevate diverse voices, artistic expressions, and opportunities for active engagement accessible to all. We continuously celebrate the creativity of our diverse population in the DMV region and plan to launch an online digital gallery, Speak Your Truth | Black Lives Matter, an exhibition that aims to represent the depth and diversity of the DC/MD/VA region and its reflections on the activities associated with BLM. Visual art and poetry are the primary components of this collection, and all works will include text of some sort as an element of the composition
Works will be evaluated based on aesthetic quality as well as effectiveness in communicating a message. Twig Murray, Gallery Director of the Athenaeum Gallery, will select from the visual works and KaNikki Jakarta, Alexandria’s Poet Laureate, will evaluate and curate the works of poetry. Selected works will be featured on our website October 1 through December 1, 2020 and in our social media programs.
Submission details:
  • There is no cost to enter.
  • Entries can be created entirely on the computer, or in reality and then scanned or photographed.
  • Poetry can be submitted as a text file, as a visual submission, or as a video of the work being read or performed. Videos must be two minutes or shorter.
  • All entries will be emailed to the Athenaeum Gallery.
  • Selected works will all be identified with the artist name, a title, and a one sentence statement if desired.
  • Images should be excellent screen quality.
  • Deadline for submission is August 27.
  • Online exhibition runs from October 1 to December 1.
We encourage you to consider making something that:
  • Reflects your personal experience or journey
  • Helps others understand your experience
  • Clarifies a common misconception or explains a perspective
  • Gives voice to your fear and frustration
  • Expresses hope for permanent change
Email your artwork or poetry submissions as jpgs or pdfs to You are encouraged to submit web links for any poetry video submissions that you have. Please note we are unable to directly accept video files or video attachments at this time.
Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association is located at 201 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.  Visit the organization online at