Call to Artists Art Bank: The Washingtonia Collection

By Editorial Team on May 9, 2017

Deadline: Fri, 23 June 2017



Deadline: Friday, June 23 at 4pm EDT


The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (CAH) is seeking submissions from individual District of Columbia residents and District of Columbia galleries and organizations for the FY 2018 Art Bank acquisition into The Washingtonia Collection of fine art works. For the FY18 acquisition cycle, CAH seeks artwork that reflects the concept of HOME.

A wide spectrum of people, places, and things call this city “home”: multigenerational native Washingtonians, those beginning new careers and families establishing new roots, internationally diverse populations, unique cultural collectives, and an array of festivals, landmarks, flora and wildlife. Words of inspiration include but are not limited to: hometown, homemade, home rule, homegrown, etc. We invite artists to approach the idea of home from all imaginable perspectives in relation to the District.

Considering that the District of Columbia is also home to iconic musical figures including Marvin Gaye, Duke Ellington, and the creator of our indigenous musical form known as Go-Go, Chuck Brown, CAH also seeks artworks (paintings, photography, sculpture, etc.) inspired by the musical legacy of the District. Inspiration can include aspects of jazz history, classical performance, soul and funk presences, punk eras, and Go-Go culture along with its iconic musicians, styles, and historic venues.

For complete information and submission instructions, please visit their website.

NEW! The FY18 application process will utilize a new online application portal. Applicants are encouraged to visit the web portal early to familiarize themselves with this new process and submit early. Technical assistance is available upon request by contact the staff members below.

For additional information or questions about The Washingtonia Collection Call please contact:

  • Zoma Wallace, Art Bank Coordinator | (202) 724-5613
  • Ron Humbertson, Art Collections Registrar | (202) 724-5613