Call for Artists: Fanciful Picnic Tables at Sandy Spring Museum

By Editorial Team on July 26, 2022

Deadline: Thu, 15 September 2022

Courtesy of Sandy Spring Museum.

Statement of Purpose
Serving as a gathering place for the community, Sandy Spring Museum is installing a series of picnic groves with fanciful picnic tables, most of which will be designed by Maryland artists. We are seeking proposals from artists who would like to be selected to design and build a table. Current plans are to build several tables each year for the next several years. The online application only requires a written description of your idea, your background and rough draft concept images. This is Phase I of the application process. If you are selected for Phase II, you will be asked to submit a full design and fabrication concept.

Who Can Participate?
Because we celebrate local talent, applicants must reside in Maryland in order to participate. Anyone living within Maryland can apply, including amateur and professional artists, as individuals or as a group.


  1. For this initial phase of artist selection, using the online application listed below, submit your background qualifications, a written description of your concept, and either examples of relevant work or a rough concept drawing.

Artist and Project Selection
Selection of artists will be based on aesthetic appeal and durability of their proposal, their background, their demonstrated ability to complete the project. Please note that the final product is expected to last for many years without the need for maintenance. The final product should not have any perceived safety concerns. Artists who are selected to submit designs/implementation proposals will be asked to include a binding fabrication budget.

Applications will be reviewed by the Museum’s Master Plan Committee. Decisions made by the committee are final.

What Steps Are Involved?

  1. Applicants need to complete and submit an online form to be considered. Submit your initial proposal by September 15. If selected for Phase II, you will need to submit your final design, fabrication plan and budget by October 15, 2022. We plan to select several proposals each year for fabrication but are under no obligation to contract for any tables.
  2. The members of the Museum’s Master Plan Committee will review the applicants’ qualifications and selected artists to submit table designs and fabrication budgets. Those selected will be contacted by the committee.
  3. DEVELOP A CONCEPT: Those applicants who are selected to submit concepts will prepare a more refined design documenting their idea and a firm fabrication budget. Final designs and budget must be submitted within six weeks of invitation.
  4. BUDGET: While there is no set budget at this time, we anticipate that fabrication budgets will be between $5000 – $25,000, including design, materials, construction and installation.
  5. FABRICATE: The Museum intends to award a contract to several artists to fabricate their designs in the amount of the submitted fabrication budget. The selected artists will create, deliver, and install their finished products on the Museum property within six months. The picnic tables will become the property of the Museum.

About Sandy Spring Museum:
Sandy Spring Museum supports community-driven cultural arts and educational programs. We gather community to build a sense of place and belonging. The picnic groves are one element of a new master plan designed to make the museum grounds better used by the community.