Call for Entry: Hang in There: shrinky dink affirmations for tough times

By Editorial Team on October 23, 2019

Deadline: Fri, 01 November 2019

Courtesy of Leslie Holt.
Deadline: November 1, 2019

We are bombarded with inspirational phrases and memes these days, hearkening back to that poster in your high school guidance counselor’s office of the kitten hanging on a branch with the phrase “HANG IN THERE!” in bubble letters.

But hey, some of them are helpful, creative, and give a little hope and positivity when you’re feeling down. What do you want to hear when you are having a shitty day? Ok, now make that into a shrinky dink and enter it into this show! Snark is welcome but meanness is not. Any accompanying imagery is awesome – get creative and don’t overthink it at the same time…


  1. Create a shrinky dink ( with words of encouragement (either yours or someone else’s) and leave Leslie Holt’s desk in her studio at Red Dirt  – attach a piece of paper with your name. You can bake it yourself or leave it for Leslie to bake.  Also on Leslie’s desk she will leave shrinky dink paper if you don’t want to get your own – please just take one sheet per person (grab extra if you have friends who want to participate). You can cut it own to any size. It will shrink to about a third of it’s original size. You can use colored pencils or sharpie/other permanent marker – draw on the rough side of the sheet. Out of town submission? Stick that puppy in the mail …
  2. DUE DATE: November 1st
  3. After the exhibit Leslie would like to distribute the messages in the community and take photos, post them, etc.  – bus stops, bathrooms, wherever an anonymous kind message might be needed – the office of anyone working for this administration?  So you have to be okay with your special creation going away and landing in someone else’s hands.

The juror for Hang in There: shrinky dink affirmations for tough times will be Justin Plakas! If you aren’t already familiar with Justin – first, you need to meet him, second, just know that he has a penchant for the weird, wacky, and absurd. In addition to being an artist and designer with his own practice, he is half of the infamous collaborative team, Plakookee:

Juror’s Choice Award Prize: $50 gift certificate to Artist and Craftsmen (or other store if you are out of town), an original Hang in There shrinky dink made by Leslie, a Neuro Bloom pin!

You’re good enough AND smart enough Award – Prize: $25 gift certificate to Artist and Craftsmen, a vintage copy of I’m Ok, You’re Ok, a Neuro Bloom pin!

Please submit! – an entry does not need to take copious time to make, and I think it will be a blast! I want to fill the nooks with tiny gems of goodness! This is part of an ongoing project/experiment of mine that I am piloting at Montgomery College this semester to see if it has legs and can/ should be duplicated in conjunction with my upcoming shows and an exciting new residency I will be doing next year. So help a girl out!

Questions? Leslie Holt,