Call for Entry: Parking Lot Mural Project via Creative Suitland

By Editorial Team on February 9, 2021

Deadline: Sun, 03 July 2022

Courtesy of Creative Suitland.

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Creative Suitland wants you to help beautify our parking lot! Each artist or artist group will be assigned a parking lot space to design and given an ART KIT to execute the project.

Use this space to showcase your brand, paint a design or pattern, feature a portrait, or experiment with abstractions, etc.

Designs must be pre-approved by the Creative Suitland staff and adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Must fit within the given dimensions of 17’ L x 8’ W
  • No nudity, profanity, obscurities, or hate speech
  • No references to drugs or depictions of violence

Benefits Include: 

  • Professional documentation of space (photo or video)
  • profile on Website and social media
  • recognition of your public art
  • free promotion for your brand