Call for Miniature art: A Hug or Something Like It

By Editorial Team on March 24, 2020

Deadline: Sat, 28 March 2020

Deadline: March 28, 5 pm EST

(or the first 30 to submit artwork that meets the guidelines)


Details are found on the artist’s website linked HERE.

Artist Amy Wike is collecting collecting miniature visual interpretations of hugs from DC-area artists to send as care packages. She will sell reproductions of the submitted artwork as Hug Packets consisting of a set of five randomly selected ‘hugs’ for $20; She will also handle logistics and delivery, and the profits will be split evenly among the contributing artists.

Submission guidelines
2.5 x 2.5 inch scan, photo, or digital file of your artwork at 300dpi, as a PNG, JPG or PDF
Content can be literal or abstract interpretations of a hug in any medium; just note that it will be a 2D reproduction on a small scale

Please send to with “Hug” in the subject line and include:
Artist name
Social media handles
Website (if applicable)
Artwork files

Deadline: March 28, 5 pm EST, or the first 30 to submit artwork that meets the guidelines
**Wike is capping the call at 30 artists so that the project doesn’t get unwieldy, and so that each artist doesn’t end up making .0001 cents per order.

How it will work

Hug Packets will be available for $20 on or around March 31, once I’ve had a chance to format, print, and package. Purchasers will receive an envelope with a random selection of five 2.5 x 2.5 inch ‘hug’ prints. They’ll have the option to order for themselves or send to a friend with a personalized note.

Profit share
For each purchase, I’ll take out $5 for printing, shipping, and supplies — the remaining $15 will be evenly split among the participating artists. Are we going to get rich? Nah sry. Are we going to lift some spirits and do a lil’ biz on the side? That’s the plan.

Send any questions to