Call for Social Practice Artists: Collaborative Public Art Design Incubation

By Editorial Team on November 6, 2019

Deadline: Mon, 02 December 2019

Courtesy of Neighborhood Design Center.
Deadline: December 2, 2019

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The Call for Social Practice Artists: Collaborative Public Art Design Incubation is a part public history, part creative placemaking, part landscape architecture, part public art, and completely groundbreaking.

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Project Brief

The Towns of Brentwood and North Brentwood are seeking an artist or team of artists to engage with the North Brentwood community and design a large-scale piece of art to support a community-designed placemaking and public history project. The sculpture will stand on the town lines and will speak to a divided past as well as a shared future for the two towns.

Removing barriers, both physical and institutional, is at the core of this project. In that spirit, a non-established artist/team with maximum 2 years experience in the field of public art is sought. Acknowledging the rich experience of artists in both towns, public art experts are invited to the project as mentors.

Project Values

  • Design for all people
    • Principles of universal design, translation of materials into Spanish, and consideration for all ages is imperative for this t obe a part of the fabric of the community
  • Tell the Story
    • Attract visitors to learn and experience the history of the place, through both signage and sculpture. Help people see themselves in the present and future of these Towns.
  • Make It Interactive
    • Designs should consider how users will engage with the art and how it will change/enhance their connection to place
  • Respect diversity, elevate equity and be inclusive
    • This project seeks to foster mutual respect between all parties involved. We well elevate different skillsets, experiences, and ages as equal and engage with a diverse group of stakeholders representing legacy nd new residents.

Role of Artist(s)

  • Collaboratively design community engagements with project partners. These could take the form of interviews, workshops, site walks, and/or performances
  • Provide conceptual design ideas for an experience and permanent installation at the site of the Barrier
  • Convey concept design ideas through renderings or other media
  • Advise on signage or other landscape interventions that support the designed experience
  • Update project partners on progress at pre-agreed upon milestones
  • Generate renderings/text/other project collateral
  • Formally document process through appropriate media and produce a compilation/summary piece

Budget & Timeline

$10,000 includes up to $5,000 for artists’ fees and $5,000 for materials and expenses related to the design process. Design Proposals to be submitted by April 1, 2020 for presentation to the public on April 4, 2020.

Application Requirements

Applicants should live in Washington DC Metropolitan Areas (including Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia) and be over the age of 18.

Selection Process

A committee of local artists, Town leadership, Historical Society Members, and Arts & Culture professionals will consider applications and reach out to finalists for in-person interviews.

  • Finalists will be notified December 23, 2019
  • Final Committee Decision will be reached by January 10, 2019

How to Apply

Interested artists, please prepare and submit the following by December 2, 2019

  • Letter of interest (no more than two pages in length) which explains your interest in the competition, how you will address the project values, and what you uniquely bring to the project
  • Samples of work that embody your artistic process and values (max 5MB)

Please mail applications to: aoneill@ndc-md

Send questions to: