Call for Artists: Dulaney Plaza Mural

By East City Art Editorial Team on February 28, 2023

Deadline: Fri, April 7 2023

Courtesy of Dulaney Plaza.

For more than 60 years Dulaney Plaza has been a cornerstone of the Towson community, serving the needs of residents, visitors and students. The Plaza began as a single family-owned retail store selling automotive parts, and over the years has flourished into the mixed-use hub it is today – with four generations (and counting) of that same family as a part of the management team, guiding the development and expansion of the center. Now the Plaza is a community of over 30 office tenants, a vibrant marketplace for food, attire, and daily life. 828 Dulaney Valley Road is an integral part of the Towson ecosystem, adapting to the ever changing tastes and trends of those who rely on the Plaza for every-day goods, a quick bite, or change of fashion.

TOTAL PROJECT BUDGET: Current project budget is $10,000, but may be negotiated after selection.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Dulaney Valley Plaza is inviting artists to submit proposals for a public mural. Wall space is 73’ by 9’4 ½” vertical (687.37 SQF), located on Dulaney Valley Road. Each concept must take into consideration these dimensions once scaled. The mural does not necessarily have to cover the entire available space and may only occupy a portion of the available space depending on artist vision and budgetary restrictions.

The Dulaney Plaza branded logo must feature into the mural in a notable capacity, but incorporation and presentation is left to artist discretion. Otherwise themes, imagery, and composition are also left to artist discretion but depictions/representations of local (Maryland/Baltimore County) flora and fauna, landmarks, history and tenant businesses of the plaza (barring the usage of branded logos) are preferred.

DEADLINE: Deadline for submissions is April 7th 2023.

APPLICATIONS: Mail applications to: Lauryn Lukin 828 Dulaney Valley Road Suite 5 Towson, MD 21204. Digital proposals to Proposals may also be hand delivered to [Lauryn Lukin 828 Dulaney Valley Road Suite 5 Towson, MD 21204]. All formats will be accepted. Included in the application and sent work should be an artist bio and artist statement alongside the applicant’s name and address.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Maryland based and artists originating from Maryland are welcome; however, there are no other limiting factors, all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome. Selection will be performed by a juried panel.