Exhibit Opportunity at Gallery B

By Editorial Team on April 12, 2021

Deadline: Sun, 23 May 2021


Gallery B in downtown Bethesda, MD. Image courtesy Bethesda Urban Partnership.



Deadline: April 23, 2021



Gallery B, a non-profit arts space in downtown Bethesda, MD, is currently seeking applications for summer and fall 2021 openings. Apply at https://bethesdaarts.submittable.com/submit/191402/gallery-b-2021-art-exhibit

The space is available to interested artists and arts organizations for a one-month rental. Gallery B does not take a commission on work sold during the exhibition.


• Rental Fee: $1,200 for a 4-week exhibition

• Manage suggested gallery hours of Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6pm.

• Insure your own artwork.

• Install and de-install all artwork.

The exhibit can be a group show, with the rental fee shared among up to four artists. Applicants can create their own group and apply as a team. Or, if interested in being considered for a group show that is organized by Bethesda Urban Partnership, applicants can indicate this preference in the application.

For more information visit www.bethesda.org/bethesda/gallery-b