Foundry Gallery Hot Hot Call for Entry

By Editorial Team on June 1, 2016

Deadline: Sun, 26 June 2022

Photo credit: Jacqui DePas.
Photo credit: Jacqui DePas.



Deadline: Wednesday, June 15


This month-long show at the Foundry’s new space near the 9:30 Club in Washington is open to painting, drawing and mixed media by artists in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Reception and publicity by gallery.

Work should not be more that 40″ wide. If accepted it should be professionally presented, with a wire on the back, and works on paper should be framed. There is not theme. It will be hot in August.

All art will be for sale, and the gallery retains a 30% commission. Work may not be removed before the end of the show.

Apply by email, $30 for up to five images.

Contact: Jay Peterzell, 301.452.4005

For the full prospectus, visit