Glen Echo Park Partnership Call: Labor Day Art Show 2019

By Editorial Team on July 22, 2019

Deadline: Mon, 05 August 2019

Courtesy of Glen Echo Park.
Deadline: August 5 at 5pm

How to submit your application:

Where: Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo Park

When: Saturday to Monday, August 31 to September 2, 2019, 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Public Reception & Awards Announcement: Friday, August 30, 7:30 to 9:00pm

Entry is open to all artists with original works created within the last two years. All works must be for sale and submissions must reflect the work that you will be exhibiting in the Labor Day Art Show. All artwork must be your own and must not have been entered in a prior Labor Day Art Show. An application must be completed and submitted to be considered. A limited section of children’s work will also be accepted.

2019 Labor Day Art Show Awards
Glen Echo Park Partnership is proud to present the Labor Day Art Show Awards Program. Cash prizes of $250 each will be awarded for top works in the 2D and 3D categories. In addition, the Park View Artist Award 2019 will include the opportunity for a solo art exhibition for our selected winner in our Park View Gallery in January 2020. All participants qualify to be considered. The award selection is subject to the judges’ discretion. Please visit our Labor Day Art Show page for additional information.

Submitting your Application
All entries must be submitted online using the form below. Not all works will be accepted. A non-refundable entry fee of $27 is required. If you are using a valid member coupon to receive a $10 discount on the Artist Entry Fee, please select the member option and enter your Member ID and Coupon number online.  New members or those renewing their membership may select the option to donate and pay the reduced entry fee.

Artists in need of assistance in submitting their work may visit the Partnership office. To schedule an appointment, please email us at or call 301.634.2232.

Submissions must reflect the work that you will be exhibiting in the Labor Day Art Show. The Partnership takes the utmost care in handling entries, but is not responsible for loss or damage to artwork.

Due to the public nature of the show, visitors may take photographs of the exhibition for personal use only.

Image Requirements:
Digital image files may be no larger than 4MB each. Images for postcard publicity may be selected from the application but must be 300dpi to be considered. By submitting this application you hereby give Glen Echo Park Partnership the right to use your submitted images for any promotional materials.

Conditions – Artists may submit in only ONE of the following four categories:

  1. Two-dimensional work:
    This includes any work that must be hung on a wall/panel. Two entries per artist are accepted in this category. Artwork must be ready to hang, securely framed, and fitted with a wire. Works without proper hanging mechanism will not be shown. The sum of the width and height of each framed two-dimensional work may not exceed 60 inches. (Example 20″ width + 40″ height = 60″) The longest dimension including the frame cannot exceed 36 inches. The weight of each two-dimensional work may not exceed 30 pounds.
  2. Three-dimensional artwork:
    Three entries per artist are accepted in this category. Work must be pedestal ready and stable for display. Note museum wax does not hold in hot temperatures; works should be stable without additional support. The weight of each three-dimensional work (and custom stand if necessary) may not exceed 50 pounds. Please provide dimensions of your work with your application. Please keep in mind that pedestal surface areas range from L:14” x W 14” to L: 30”x W 30.” Pedestal heights range from 30″ to 42″ H.
  3. Jewelry:
    Artists may submit a maximum of ten pieces individually priced, or ten sets priced as sets, or a combination. At least three pieces will be on display at all times. Jewelry will be replenished as work is sold. Jewelry sales will be on a “cash and carry” basis.
  4. Sleeved Prints:
    Screenprints, linocuts, woodblocks and prints of two-dimensional artwork must be sleeved and bin ready. Five different prints can be submitted with no more than three of each print. The sum of the width and height of each print work may not exceed 50 inches. Print sales will be on a “cash and carry” basis.