Honfleur Women in the Arts Grant Program

By Editorial Team on May 24, 2022

Deadline: Mon, 01 August 2022

Honfleur Gallery and ARCH Development Corporation are delighted to announce the invitation to apply for the Honfleur Women in Arts Program. This award is in memory of the late Sharon Hughes Gautier, a founder of ARCH and Honfleur Gallery.

This grant[s] will be given to an individuals or collaborative who propose a project that focuses on the discrimination faced and/or impact that being a woman [or identifying as a woman]  has had in pursuing creative endeavors. This award is open to women, those identifying as a woman or women collaborative who are artists of any genre and to teaching professionals in the field of women’s study. Applicants must live, work or attend an educational institution in the District of Columbia metropolitan area.

This project scope is open to all intentional projects. Examples are blog series, play, film, lecture series, research paper, short film, conceptual album, exhibit with sound/music, collaborative music projects, interactive dance programs, curriculum development,  classes for adults

There is no established format for a proposal. The submission must be in a word document which includes a detailed description and the time schedule for the project. Proposals can include links to websites and Instagram. A detailed budget must be provided in Excel format.

Funding for the project will include advance and progress payments. This RFP does include a set budget limit.  Instead, the budget must be consistent with the scope of the project.

Letters of interest by August 1st, 2022, are requested. Email Duane below. A Zoom meeting will be held in mid-August. Award[s] notices will be sent by October 15th, 2022. One or two awards will be made.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is September 15, 2022. The project must be completed by October 31, 2023.

For more Information about or for submitting a proposal, email Duane Gautier at gautier.duane@gmail.com.