Ibura Art and Research Residency

By Editorial Team on May 3, 2022

Deadline: Wed, 11 May 2022

Kenya Miles harvesting indigo, photo: Life Escobar

Blue Light Junction opens second round of application for Ibura Art and Research Residency in Central Baltimore.

After successful Spring residency launch, Blue Light Junction seeking four people for 2022 Summer and Fall residencies.

The residency provides a studio, financial support and thought partners for researchers to explore their work and practice through the lens of people, plants, and place.

Learn more about the Ibura Art and Research Residency and apply at https://bit.ly/IburaResidency.

“There is something to the combination of imagination, faith and work. Imagination holding all of your hopes and wildest dreams. Faith carrying you to and through the how and when.  And work as the constant activation and pursuit of faith and hope.  The work we have collectively brought forth over the last couple of years is the bedrock of Blue Light Junction.  We are forever grateful for the hands and hearts that continue with us on this journey” –Kenya Miles

About Blue Light Junction

Blue Light Junction is an alternative color lab, natural dye garden and educational facility focusing on growing, processing and preserving the history of natural dyes and their enhancements and use in everyday objects.

Blue Light Junction is a community of curious people who are invested in caring for each other and cultivating knowledge while stewarding cultural traditions, the land and the spaces that we share. Experimentation and learning by doing are at the heart of our work. Core to our programming is connecting and tending to people, plants, and place. We activate this connection through shared knowledge and experiences, listening, tending the land, workshops for school groups and the general public at Blue Light Junction’s natural dye facility and garden.

Located at 209 McAllister Street in Central Baltimore’s Greenmount West neighborhood and working in Hidden Harvest “annex” dye garden, Blue Light Junction is an independently run studio that draws from the education, experiences and relationships of the Baltimore Natural Dye Initiative.

Learn more about Blue Light Junction at www.bluelightjunction.com or on instagram @blue.lightjunction

About Ibura Art and Research Residency

Ibura is a Swahili word of Arabic origin meaning
“something wonderful, a miracle, a very rare occurrence”

Ibura Art & Research Residency honors the work, practice, long time mentorship, deep love and friendship between Kenya Miles and K. Ibura. From the spark of an idea that grew Blue Light Junction, K. Ibura has played many roles in supporting and furthering the work and mission of BLJ. K. Ibura has been an integral part in the writing of multiple grants for BLJ including The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant.  The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant will fund the inaugural year of the Ibura residency which will include residencies for 6 researchers.

Ibura Art & Research Residency will welcome researchers from all backgrounds. We define a researcher as someone who is curious, questioning and actively pursuing a line of inquiry. Any person who asks questions and undertakes actions to answer those questions is a researcher! Researchers may also identify as an artist, organizer, scientist, architect, designer, healer, archivist, curator, dancer, performer, etc. We privilege research practices that focus on learning through doing and hands-on experimentation. We love research that produces more questions and deepens existing knowledge.

The residency provides space, financial support and thought partners for researchers to explore a question or line of inquiry that is related to their work and our work at Blue Light Junction. It is also a space to paint, record, experiment with dyes, and to follow any other artistic musings. The residents in this inaugural year will help shape the future of this program.

Special Thank You to Parks and People Foundation for fiscal sponsorship and VisArts Center for partnering with us to make this application available to prospective residents without an application fee. Learn more about the Ibura Art and Research Residency and apply at https://bit.ly/IburaResidency.

The Ibura Arts and Research Residency is supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

To support Blue Light Junction’s work in Baltimore City please check out our Go Fund Me page: https://gofund.me/5a159060  – with gratitude Team BLJ