Lumen8 Anacostia Call For Entry: Short Videos

By Editorial Team on January 13, 2012

Deadline: Thu, 30 June 2022

Editor’s note: there are two Lumen8 Anacostia Call For Entries- one is for Temporia and performers, the other is for short film.  For an abstract on both calls, visit the East City Art Call For Entry Page at

Attention: CALL FOR ENTRIES: Short Videos

DUE: 5PM, MARCH 2, 2012


ARCH Development Corporation, in partnership with the DC Office of Planning will be implementing a community wide arts program targeting the historic sector of Anacostia in Washington, DC. The project, LUMEN8Anacostia is intended to be a transformative arts initiative that strives to engage vacant space and buildings through the use of light, ingenuity and spaces innovation.

The three month project title “LUMEN8Anacostia” was selected based on the definition of a “lumen” which is a measure of light equal to one candle intensity, thus 8 lumens of light. Phonetically, it also brings to mind “luminate.” It is loosely based on the all-night arts event, “Nuit Blanche” or White Nights in cities such as Paris and Toronto. The number 8 is representative of the Washington DC Ward where the event will take place in (ward 8-Anacostia).

The goal of this project is to transform the Historic Anacostia corridor in Washington DC through the use of light and artistic innovation.

A part of this festival, ADC will be projecting videos on the facades of various buildings in the historic neighborhood of Anacostia. Additionally, all selected videos will be shown periodically over a three month period at galleries in Anacostia.

LUMEN8Anacostia invites filmmakers and video artists to submit ‘silent’ 5 minutes or less productions to be screened as part of this project. ADC will select 5 to 8 productions.


Submissions from local, national and international video and film artists will be accepted.

Each selected film maker will receive a $500 stipend. While the filmmaker retains all copy rights to the video, ADC will have the right to use the video for two years.

While there is no predetermined theme to this projection project, the following are the working definitions that are guiding our efforts:

ILLUMINATE – 1: brightened with light, 2: intellectually or spiritually enlightened

 LIGHT- a: something that makes vision possible, b: the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors, c: electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength that travels in a vacuum with a speed of about 186,281 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second.

All submissions must meet the guidelines below:

1. US compatible DVD format

2.  Silent Films must be 5 minutes or less [two minute minimum]

3. Only entries by filmmakers will be accepted. No agents or studios can apply.

4. The Process is to complete application and send resume [vita] and US compatible format DVD to the address below [see attachment for Application]

5. If film is not accepted by jury, the DVD will be returned, only if a postage paid DVD size return envelope is included with application.

6. All entries should be sent to the address below and must be post-marked by March 2, 2012. Entries can also be hand delivered to the address below by 5pm, March 2, 2012.



For further Information and where to send entries:

ARCH Development Corporation

1227 Good Hope Road SE

Washington DC 20020

Attn: Phil Hutinet