New Local Space Opens Call for Proposals to Artists and Researchers/Writers for 2016 Residencies

By Editorial Team on January 29, 2016

Deadline: Sun, 14 August 2022

Above image, copyright Leasho Johnson.
Above image, copyright Leasho Johnson.


Deadline for summer art residency applications: Friday, February 12 at 12 midnight EST
Deadline for art writing and research residency applications: Friday, March 11 at 12 midnight EST


NLS announces that it is now accepting applications for 2016 residencies open to international artists and art researchers/writers.

Entering its third year, the NLS residency programme has raised more than USD 3,000 per awarded artist to complete projects, with a total of more than 1.5 million Jamaican dollars allocated wholly towards artists for executing work in a nine week period in the NLS project space and yard. As stated by director Deborah Anzinger, “while our residents have largely been international and regional artists, this year the residency programme makes a greater push to bridge the local art community with international artists by facilitating collaborative projects that will see funds and community support being synergistically shared between collaborating artists.”

Anzinger points out that “the Jamaican art scene has made substantial strides within the last three years with increased international engagement from, and recognition of, our artists who are actively working and living in Jamaica full-time.” This residency cycle is an opportunity for artists to challenge themselves and  the larger community around them who are now looking.

The Summer residency is a nine-week program that will pair an international artist with a local artist. The residency program is geared towards working artists, with developed portfolios, who are intellectually and artistically concerned with pushing boundaries within their disciplines and within the current social landscape, as well as engaging with the public through art.  The residency provides the artists with studio space, technical and administrative assistance, as well as funding and international attention to the artist’s project through the NLS residency crowdfunding campaign.

The Deadline for summer art residency applications is February 12, 2016 at 12 midnight EST
Download the full application at

The Deadline for art writing and research residency applications is March 11, 2016 midnight EST
Download the full application at

NLS has been steadfast in its mission to develop and bridge the local art scene with the regional and global without compromising its singular vision: Artists are innovative members of our community who push for new ways of thinking, highlighting and tackling social problems, and helping to provide solutions. The Summer Art Residency  is part of the organizations comprehensive programming to fill some of the gaps within the local art scene. Other programmes include IN: an art podcast, local and international exhibitions, the 48H residency, research, and internship programmes.

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New Local Space Limited (NLS) is a contemporary visual art initiative and micro-gallery in Kingston, Jamaica. NLS supports the work of visual artists committed to breaking new ground in their work, builds and connects new audiences to these artists, and links these artists to the global contemporary art community. We provide the public with a platform for experimental exhibitions, artist residencies, and a meeting place for new ideas and cutting edge approaches to art. NLS’ programming is an open international cultural forum grounded in the spirit of experimentation, and collaboration. The organization operates out of a 200 sq ft garage turned white box and its 800 sq ft outdoor space, as well as through curatorial initiatives with international art spaces, and through online programming.