Paint the Tyler Elementary School Playground Blacktop Veteran's Day 2010

By East City Art Editorial Team on November 10, 2010

Deadline: Fri, May 24 2024


How about spending a couple hours of your time tomorrow beautifying your community while providing children a place to explore new games at recess?

Tomorrow from 9am to 12noon, a group of volunteers will be painting the blacktop at Tyler Elementary School using stencils.  The goal is to produce both aesthetic designs, such large globe blacktop mural, and to trace games such as hopscotch.   All materials will be supplied.  Remember to wear clothes that you are willing to part with!

For more information, contact Sarah Mcphie at

Tyler Elementary School is located at 1001 G Street SE at the corner of 10th and G SE.  For more information about the elementary school, go to their website: