Palette 22’s Artist-in-Residence Program Call for Entry

By Editorial Team on December 17, 2015

Deadline: Thu, 31 December 2015

Photo courtesy of Palette22.
Photo courtesy of Palette 22.


Deadline: Thursday, December 31


Located in the heart of Shirlington, VA at the crossroads of theater, WETA, retail, residential and dining attractions, Palette 22 (P22) has been designed as a contemporary, global small plates restaurant with elements that evoke an artist’s loft with art adorning the walls. Much more than that, P22 will include a curated showcase of regularly changing fine artwork by regional artists, with dedicated workspace for them to create work on site during operating/dining hours, and for their guests to see and enjoy first hand – or even purchase and take home.

The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) and exhibition program will exhibit and promote the original work of VA- based and regional artists inside and beyond the restaurant, in 2-D, mountable 3-D, and mural formats. They bring artwork to the forefront of the dining experience for guests, with interaction with artists working on site, viewing the art showcased throughout the restaurant, and the opportunity to purchase work on display.

A detailed description of the program may be found here. There is no participation fee for artists and they keep 80% of sales revenue they earn.

Additional benefits for participating artists include:

  • Temporary studio/work space in the restaurant
  • Exhibition and promotion artists’ work by ARP team
  • Inclusion in P22 public relations, social media, and website outreach efforts
  • Food and drink credit while working on site, discounts at other times

The initial deadline to submit work for consideration is Thursday December 31. Beyond that date, applications will be considered on an ongoing basis, so artists are encouraged to apply when they’re able.

For more information, questions, comments or thoughts on the P22 AIR program contact Cara Leepson, Arts Director, at