Request for Proposals: Georgetown Storefront Window Art Program

By Editorial Team on May 13, 2020

Deadline: Mon, 18 May 2020

Boarded-up storefront. Image via Library of Congress.


Deadline: Thursday, May 14

Extended to Monday, May 18


Project Overview
The Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) seeks proposals from professional artists located in the DC area to create and install temporary artwork on exterior windows of commercial storefronts or boards covering ground-level storefronts in the Georgetown commercial district. Many businesses have closed because of the public health emergency, and the Georgetown BID wishes to maintain an attractive and welcoming environment and to send positive and inspiring messages such as safe “reopening” messages to the community during the crisis. The BID is partnering with Halcyon Arts Lab in Georgetown on this program.

Project Details
The Artist should propose a specific concept that could be installed on:
● any window, or a specific concept to be installed on a specific storefront window OR
● any boarded storefront, or a specific concept to be installed on a specific boarded storefront. Note that boarded storefronts may have a larger area to paint; it is expected that these concepts will be simpler in nature such as a solid color with some text, an uncomplicated color pattern or series of colored bands with an option for no explicit messaging.

The Georgetown BID has solicited interest from business and property owners for locations to install artwork. Artists may propose for one or more of those storefront windows or boarded areas, or propose different storefront windows or boards to paint. If an Artist proposes artwork on storefronts other than the ones listed in this RFP, the Georgetown BID will seek the approval of the site owner but does not guarantee that the windows or boards will be available.

The Artist will create a concept for the artwork, install the artwork on the windows or boards, and remove the window artwork as requested by the site owner or the Georgetown BID. Artwork on boarded storefronts will not require artist removal. Up to two individuals can be on site for site prep, installation and removal at one time and are required to wear a face mask while on site.

The artwork should be appropriate to be displayed in a highly visible public location in the Georgetown historic district and should include a positive or uplifting message or design. Artwork is expected to maintain a quality appearance for up to four months after installation although removal may occur much earlier depending on the location.

Artist Fee
The Georgetown BID will pay the artist $500 per window and has budget to paint ten windows. The Artist may be selected to paint multiple windows. The Artist will be responsible for all costs related to materials, installation, and removal.

Installation Timeline
Artwork must be installed no later than June 1st, 2020. The artwork will remain until the site owner or the Georgetown BID requests the Artist remove the artwork. Artwork at different locations may remain for differing time periods.

Application Requirements
● A brief biographical narrative about the Artist
● A narrative and design illustrating the concept
● Supplemental information such as window prep/cleaning process, proposed paint type, removal process for window installations, other materials as needed, timeline for completion, and approximate dimensions of the proposed artwork
● Supporting materials, including images of previously completed works, are required. Due to the limited time and human resource constraints of the current environment, prior mural experience is required.
● All application components must be in digital format.
● Artists should be based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Site Locations
The following businesses have expressed interest in storefront window art. Additional locations may be considered. Notes on artistic direction are not mandatory to follow.
● 3270 M Street – Olivia Macaron
● 3223 M Street – vacant (map banner to stay, all glass can be painted)
● 3209 M Street – Hela Medical Spa
● 3139 M Street – America Eats Tavern
● 1065 Wisconsin Avenue – South Moon Under (main window and smaller one on right, likes bright colors, floral/tropical patterns)
● 1357/1359 Wisconsin Avenue – vacant (paint both boarded areas)
● 1415 Wisconsin Avenue – MAJOR (requests person of color artist, focus on DC and diversity)
● 1418 Wisconsin Avenue – Venturi
● 1425 Wisconsin Avenue – Polished of Georgetown
● 1526 Wisconsin Avenue – Little Birdies Boutique
● 1560 Wisconsin Avenue – Bakery & Café La Jolie (likes Mediterranean sea waves)
● 1671 Wisconsin Avenue – Pretty Chic (on front window)
● 1232 31st Street – Compass Real Estate (paned windows, likes black/white aesthetic)
● 3340 Cady’s Alley – Resource Furniture (paned window)
● 3206 Grace Street – Dog Tag Bakery (sliding glass doors)
● 3205 K Street – Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown (two front windows, not glass doors)
● 3141 N Street – Café Georgetown

The Georgetown BID and Halcyon may photograph the artwork and publicly share the artwork through social media, websites, email, and/or print materials, and will credit the artist in any publicity materials. The Georgetown BID and Halcyon may also photograph the artwork for its own internal use. The artist will retain the copyright on the artwork.

How to Apply
Email proposals to Nat Cannon at the Georgetown BID ( by 5:00pm on Thursday, May 14th with the subject line “Georgetown Storefront Window Art Program.”

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the site owner, the Georgetown BID, and Halcyon. Artists will be notified of award no later than 8:00 pm on Wednesday May 20th, 2020. Installation must be complete by Monday, June 1st, 2020.

Questions about this RFP or the Georgetown Storefront Windows Art program should be directed to Nat Cannon, Placemaking Manager, at ncannon@georgetowndc.