Request for Proposals: Mural at Takoma Langley Crossroads Center

By Editorial Team on June 8, 2021

Deadline: Fri, 02 July 2021

Courtesy of Takoma Langley Crossroads Development Authority.
Deadline: July 2, 2021 by 11:59pm

Submit to: Carmen Dominguez-Estrada,

Introduction: The Takoma Langley Crossroads Development Authority (CDA) is a business association that manages the Takoma Langley Crossroads Commercial District in the City of Takoma Park, Maryland.  Our mission includes the maintenance and beautification of the commercial district.  One way we address this objective is through the commissioning of public art projects.  The CDA has previously commissioned 4 public murals, located on the walls of commercial properties in visible areas benefiting from activation.  We seek to commission an additional mural in the Crossroads at the Langley Park Post Office on Holton Lane.  The mural will be located on a brick wall adjacent to the parking lot.  The USPS building is in a prominent, havily trafficked area, especially via foot traffic, at the heart of Maryland’s International Corridor.  It contains a diverse and vibrant mix of immigrant businesses and customers and serves as a regional destination for international specialty goods and products.

Project Partners:  The CDA is working together with the property owner, JBG Smith and the City of Takoma Park


  • Enliven the façade of a 1950’s style suburban shopping plaza that has seen minimal changes over the past 50 year’s.  This mural project is part of a larger facade improvement plan for the shopping center.
  • Install an engaging, placemaking mural that captures the eye of pedestrians on Holton Lane and automotive traffic along New Hampshire Ave and brands the Takoma Langley Crossroads as a unique, lively, and vibrant destination.

Project Details

Existing Conditions

  • The wall in question is made of brick and concrete and is quite porous.
  • The wall has several obstacles: 1 door, 4 windows, a flag, several signs, 3 lamps
  • Signs and obstacles cannot be painted over
  • Ladders or Scaffolding will be required and will be the responsibility of the artist
  • The wall is directly in front of a 6 car parking area

Design Information

  • Mural designs may be abstract or literal, while  incorporating themes that reflect the Takoma Langley Crossroads and its vision for the future (connectivity, possibility, growth, resilience, and the entrepreneurial spirit depicted in an international context).
  • Mural designs should be lively and energetic to invigorates the neutral concrete and rust colors of the shopping plaza. Color pallet should reflect this goal, and may incorporate bright colors with an international influence.
  • Artwork must be an original work

Scope of Services

  1. Meeting(s) with the project team to review, modify, and approve the final design.
  2. Final Concept drawing.
  3. Fabrication and installation of the proposed mural.
  4. Upon completion of the project, provision of technical information on materials and future maintenance.
  5. All materials, labor, and equipment used to fabricate and install the mural shall be provided by the artist(s).
  6. If awarded, artist(s) must be able to demonstrate insurance to cover the installation of the mural. Artist(s) will need to obtain a Certificate of Insurance with the Takoma Langley Crossroads Development Authority and JBG Smith listed as additional insured, with a general liability limit of $1M/$2M and $1M umbrella insurance.

Submission Requirements

  • Artist(s) name and contact information
  • Resume/Bio, including previous mural experience, portfolio/images of previous work
  • Conceptual sketch(es) in color showing the proposed mural. Proposals may contain up to 3 original design options
  • A descriptive narrative of the proposed mural
  • Comprehensive Itemized Budget
  • Timeline and work plan
  • Please submit in a clean and organized Folder/PDF/Dropbox Link/Wetransfer Link
  • Files should include your name and description of content Example: C_Dominguez_Resume or Carmen_Dominguez_Budget


The Budget for the project is not to exceed $10,000.  The budget shall include the artist fee, supplies, travel related expenses, and all other associated costs.

Project Timeline

  • Proposals are due- Friday, July 2nd, 2021 by 11:59pm
  • Expected award notice date- Friday, July 30th, 2021
  • Meeting with Project Team on Finalized Design- August, 2021
  • Installation and Project completion- September 2021

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed and juried by CDA staff, business owners from the shopping plaza, and property owner JBGS.  The following criteria will be used in the selection process:

  • Submittal of all requirements as outlined in RFP
  • Proven ability to create distinctive artwork as exhibited by past work
  • Originality, creativity and uniqueness of proposed artwork
  • Contextual fit of proposal with site location
  • Artist’s proven track record/ability to complete the work on time and within budget.

Questions? Please contact Carmen Dominguez-Estrada