Request for Qualifications: Temporary Public Art | Connecticut Avenue

By Editorial Team on April 26, 2021

Deadline: Sun, 02 May 2021

Location: Connecticut Avenue Median
Pictured (left): HYBYCOZO’s Golden Spike, 2018 installation
Pictured (right): Rania Hassan’s Marker, 2020 Installation
Deadline: May 2, 2021

Calling all emerging and mid-career artists, artist-teams, and designers! The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) invites you to submit your qualifications to be considered for a temporary public art project (up to two years) to be installed in Spring/Summer 2022. The artwork will be located in the heart of DC’s central business district on the Connecticut Avenue Median (at K Street NW). The goal of this artwork, located in a prominent location adjacent to Farragut Square, is to cultivate and support a strong DC public art community.

The scope of work is to include the design, fabrication, and installation of one temporary artwork. Budgets of up to $35,000 will be considered for the project. Fees for artists/artist teams cannot exceed 20% of total project budget. Up to five semi-finalists may be selected to create concept proposals. Finalists will receive a design proposal stipend of $750 to develop a detailed concept and renderings.

All qualifications must be submitted online here:

This temporary artwork will be on Connecticut Avenue and K Street, a prestigious and highly visible location in one of
the most vibrant and bustling corridors in DC and the Golden Triangle neighborhood. The artwork will inspire and engage visitors and revive the Golden Triangle as part of the community’s Covid-19 recovery efforts.


  • Install artwork that acts as a beacon, creating both driveby and pedestrian interest;
  • Showcase a dynamic and distinctive contemporary artwork that enhances and invigorates the neighborhood with respect to the Covid-19 recovery efforts;
  • Select an artwork that complements and relates to its location and reflects the identity of Washington, DC and/or the surrounding community;
  • Select an artwork that inspires area workers, residents, and visitors to engage in the Golden Triangle; and
  • Create a strong visual impact on the space evident during the day and at night.

The location for the artwork is marked on the map above. The artwork should optimize this space to achieve the goals of the project.


  • Overall size cannot exceed 8 x 8 feet wide and 15 feet tall;
  • Sculpture should be designed to be mounted and anchored securely to concrete sculpture pad (12 inches deep);
  • If selected, artwork will need to be reviewed by an engineer and artist must submit stamped drawings;
  • Access to power at site, 110 V outlet; and
  • If sculpture utilizes colored lights, palette should exclude red, yellow, and green for traffic safety.

This request for qualifications (RFQ) is open to all professional artists and design teams residing in the United States. DC-based artists and design teams will be given preference in the instance of identical scoring. Artists and design teams must propose new works to be eligible.

Project budgets of up to $35,000 will be considered, inclusive of artist design fees (no more than 20% of the total project budget) and costs associated with design, fabrication, transportation, shipping, installation, insurance, maintenance plan, and engineered drawings (stamped by a DClicensed engineer). The Golden Triangle will manage permitting and photo documentation.


  • Sunday, May 2, 2021 RFQ deadline
  • May 3 – May 7, 2021 Selection panel meetings to select up to five (5) finalists
  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021 Semi-finalists notified
  • Tuesday, June 1, 2021 Artist proposals due, round two (3 weeks)
  • June 3 – June 8, 2021 Selection panel review
  • Wednesday, June 9, 2021 Artist selection
  • June 10 – August 26, 2021 Submit permits
  • Spring / Summer 2022 Install artwork/kick-off event
  • 2024 Deinstallation

The Golden Triangle BID will convene an Advisory Panel to recommend artists based on their qualifications, artistic merit, prior work experience, and professionalism necessary to complete these projects.

The final design proposals will be subject to the review of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts (CFA), National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), and DC Department of Transportation (DDOT). Upon approval of the concept design, the selected artists, and representatives from the Golden Triangle BID will determine the best strategy for obtaining the required permits. The artists or team whose design is approved will then enter into an agreement with the Golden Triangle BID for fabrication, installation, and programming of artwork. The artists/teams may subcontract with artwork fabricator(s) and installer(s). The Golden Triangle BID plans to apply for a grant to fund this project so the project is contingent upon funding availability.


  • Artistic Content 40%
    • Demonstrates high standards of artistic excellence in past work samples; and
    • Past artworks and related concepts reflect an attention to quality, innovation, and creativity
  • Capacity and Sustainability 30%
    • High degree of professionalism and relevant work experience, especially in the area of public art and public space programming;
    • Demonstrated proficiency with relevant materials and fabrication methods; and
    •  Experience producing art projects of a similar scale.
  • Audience Engagement and Impact 30%
    • Past artwork and related programming engages community;
    • Priority given to DC-based artist(s) or artist(s) who have created artwork that engages with the DC community;
    • Past audience engagement experience that encourages participation in the arts;
    • Experience working with diverse partners, audiences, and organizations; and
    • Artist has potential to produce a proposal that will meet the goals of the project.

Submit the following information to demonstrate the necessary qualifications:

  • Resume/CV;
  • Up to 10 Work Samples;
  • Work Sample Index, including project budgets;
  • Cover letter (include how this project relates to your past work, your approach to this project, and the key themes and concepts driving your work); and
  • Professional references for three contacts.

Materials must be submitted electronically via Jotform by 11:59PM (EDT) on May 2, 2021.
Submit here:

Selected Artist or Team will:

  • Enter into an agreement with the Golden Triangle BID for the duration of the project. Throughout the contract, the artist, design team, and subcontractors, will be required to maintain relevant licenses and carry professional liability insurance of $2 million;
  • Work with the Golden Triangle BID to determine the best strategy to fabricate and install the artwork;
  • Secure fabricators and installers, obtain cost estimates, and develop fabrication and installation schedules;
  • Keep an itemized expenses checklist and receipts for financial reporting purposes;
  • Provide an artwork maintenance plan for the completed artwork;
  • Coordinate all engineering, construction, and installation with the Golden Triangle BID team; and
  • Work with the Golden Triangle BID on all matters of maintenance after the artwork is installed.

The Golden Triangle BID will include the artist or team’s information on its website, social media outlets, and other various media outlets. A weather-proof plaque/label with pertinent information and approved text will be installed with the artwork. The Golden Triangle BID reserves the right to photograph the artwork for educational purposes, brochures, and other publicity. All copyrights remain with the artist. The Golden Triangle BID will host a public dedication ceremony in Spring/Summer 2022 upon installation of the artwork (subject to public safety guidelines).

Contact: Rachel Kohli, Planning Manager, Golden Triangle Business Improvement District or 202.684.8921
For more information on the Golden Triangle BID, Visit: