Sculpture NOW 2014 – WSG 30TH Anniversary Call for Entries

By Editorial Team on May 29, 2014

Deadline: Wed, 29 March 2023

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Application Deadline: Sunday, June 22, 2014 received by midnight ET at
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Sculpture Now 2014 will celebrate 30 years of the Washington Sculptors Group. Dr. Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center will jury it. He will select artwork for a cohesive group show to enhance recognition of the WSG. The American University Museum is housed in the multidisciplinary Katzen Art Center. The Museum’s focus is on international, political and community-based art and artists.

The exhibition is open to current members of the Washington Sculptors Group only. Artists may join WSG by paying annual dues of $45 ($15 for full-time students). Prospective members may download a membership form from the WSG website, and send in a check, or may join online. WSG members must have paid their dues for 2014 to be eligible for this exhibition. The address label on this Call or the most recent copy of the WSG newsletter, Washington Sculptor, will show the year 2014 if your membership is up to date. Notices for 2014 dues were mailed in November 2013.

Work to be Considered
Sculpture Now 2014 is a non-thematic exhibition of new works, completed within the last two years. Three-dimensional freestanding sculpture, wall-hung and ceiling-hung sculpture and installations are welcome. New media and performance will also be considered. Basic technical support will be provided by AU. Video, sound technical equipment and art, which would require additional features, must be provided by the artist. The art may be finished or in the form of a proposal. We highly recommend that artists visit the space if they wish to submit installations, site-specific work, or a proposal. The exhibition will be in the stairwell area on the first floor of the gallery. Please see the above floor plan. In some cases, the curator may work with an accepted artist for best effect.

Delivery of Artwork and Entry and Gallery Dimensions
A loading dock is available. Work must fit in the elevator to the gallery or come up through the stairwell. Wall work hangs directly on the walls. A few pedestals are available but arrangements should be made in advance of the time of installation by calling (301) 315-8200. All walls have electrical outlets.

Access from loading dock 84″ x 72″ with diagonal measurements of 9’2″ – this is the best way to deliver work. Entry doors 80″x 86″ with diagonal measurements of 10’4″ can be used for any works that will not be delivered through the loading dock. Center Wall Height 26.6′ Perimeter Walls 31′ Ceiling Height: Approx. 10.5.’ Artwork may be suspended from structural beams. Artists are solely responsible for delivery and installation of their accepted work on the installation date and removal on the pick-up date. Staff will be available on-site to assist with installation. All work accepted must remain on display for the full duration of the show. WSG and the gallery will not receive shipments of artwork or mail inquiries. Assistance with submissions is available by email request.

Sales and Commissions
There will be no sales commission. Artworks will not be listed, as being for sale and inquiries will be directed to the artists.

WSG will insure work while on site but not during transportation to or from the venue. On-site insurance value will be computed as 60% of retail price, but does not guarantee that the insurer will agree with the value assigned by the artist. Artists selected must sign a loan agreement provided by the Washington Sculptors Group. The Washington Sculptors Group will serve as the sole representative of the art in the show and sign an agreement with the AU Museum. Therefore, WSG will negotiate terms on behalf of the artists as outlined in the individual agreement between WSG and the Artist.

Application Procedure and Specification
Artists may submit up to four entries of which up to 2 entries could be proposal designs. Acceptable files include .jpg, .pdf, .doc, .mov.

Video and performance artists must upload one or two videos according to the specifications listed below. Performance artists must submit an image of a physical portion of their presentation such as a video or installation that will remain on view for the duration of the exhibit. Artists will make their submissions on the website. Submit all images with a resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum of 2MB each. Video files are limited to at most 50MB each (about five minutes).

All images, videos etc. and accompanying info will be presented anonymously to the juror for review. The ENTRYTHINGY software will allow you to submit a short statement (260 characters) about how the work relates to the exhibition’s requirements. It will also provide space for a brief description (530 characters) of each work along with a title, dimensions etc. To avoid being disqualified, do not include your name in either the statement or any description paragraphs. No mail or email entries will be accepted. All applicants will receive accepted or not accepted notifications.

Instructions for ENTRYTHINGY

  1. Applicants should go to ENTRYTHINGY and click on “For Artists” at top.
  2. Click on “list of current calls”.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Sculpture Now 2014 listing.
  4. Create a login account if you don’t have one, or if you do, login with the “Click here to login” button. After logging in, select the Sculpture Now 2014 call and complete the entry steps. There is a $5 entry fee.

Calendar: 2014

  • May 18: Beginning period of Call for Entries with ENTRYTHINGY
  • June 22: Deadline for receipt of entries at midnight ET
  • July 14: Artists work selected
  • July 21: Notification of selected artists
  • Sept. 26: Signed loan agreement to be returned to AU Museum
  • October 23- 24: Delivery of sculptures to museum
  • October 27 -31: Artwork installation
  • November 4: Exhibition opens
  • November 7; 5 – 7 PM: VIP Tour and Reception
  • November 8; 5 – 8 PM: Reception
  • November 12: WSG reception/annual potluck dinner inside the art center
  • November 22; 4 PM: Panel discussion
  • December 9; 7 PM: Jurors/artists talk with Jack Rasmussen
  • December 14: End of exhibition
  • December 16-18: De-installation

The Washington Sculptors Group (WSG) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting  awareness of sculpture and fostering exchanges among sculptors, sculpture enthusiasts and the public. Organized in 1984, membership has grown to almost 400. WSG sponsors frequent public programs and organizes professional sculpture exhibitions juried by prominent curators. Visit to join WSG, to view the Web Gallery of members’ work, and to subscribe to the WSG newsletter.